November 16, 2020
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UniPay Gateway Payment Advice

White Label Payment Gateway Solution

A white label payment gateway solution is easier to implement than a custom payment gateway product developed from scratch. However, many companies that decide to make some money on white label payment gateway services, make costly mistakes along the way, because they do not know how to approach the process properly. ...

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Payment Facilitator model for SaaS, ISOs, and ISV

Payment facilitator model is becoming increasingly popular among many types of companies. These include SaaS providers, investment firms, franchise owners, online marketplaces, and others. Thanks to its flexibility and profitability, PayFac model seems to perfectly adjust to the present-day market requirements. However, other models of merchant and referral services provision still ...

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Cross-border Transaction Processing Fees

Many present-day companies operate internationally and deal with electronic multi-currency payments. They know, that cross-border transaction processing fees, that international financial institutions charge, are much higher than local transaction fees. People often wonder why international payment processing costs so much. Well, there are several reasons for that, but two major factors ...

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Credit Card Processing Cost and Quality

Some say, low credit card processing fees is the only thing that matters when choosing a payment processor. Found a processor that offers you low fees? Immediately integrate your system with and migrate all your data to this processor’s platform! Well, not exactly. In reality, such a migration and/or integration makes ...

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MOR Model

Key Takeaways EMV Certification Importance for Payment Security: EMV certification, representing Europay, Mastercard, and Visa standards, is crucial for payment gateways and proprietary payment ecosystems to ensure secure card-present transactions, especially with the advancement of NFC technology and SoftPOS solutions. Comprehensive Process for EMV Certification: Entities seeking EMV certification must consider hardware (terminals, ...

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The Right time for Transaction Processing Cost Reduction

Transaction processing cost reduction Transaction processing cost reduction has always been a powerful tool to increase the revenues for many companies working in the merchant services industry. While in times of economical growth the way to increase revenue is to boost the sales, in times of potential or actual recession, cost reduction might ...

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Investment Companies Portfolio Optimization

Enterprise Payment Technology for an Investment Company An investment company with a large portfolio often faces the problem of payment flow unification. In the times when Markowitz came up with his portfolio optimization theory there were no electronic payment technologies yet. However, now implementation of a robust and unified enterprise payment technology ...

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Before Starting a Payment Facilitation Project

Business and technical phases of a payment facilitation project Many companies are considering the prospect of becoming a payment facilitator as the most beneficial development of their business model. Just like any other project, related to merchant services industry, a payment facilitation project consists of a business phase and a technical phase. ...

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Build a Payment Gateway

The key aspects of building a payment gateway If you want to build a payment gateway from scratch or license one of online gateway solutions to provide gateway services under your own brand, you need to understand the key aspects of the process. Building or licensing your own payment gateway involves two ...

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White Label Services Provision

Who can become a payment facilitator? Many companies at the present-day merchant services market are considering the prospect of becoming a payment facilitator. While becoming a full-fledged PayFac is associated with a burden of multiple requirements and responsibilities, a white-label solution may be a plausible option even for those, who are ...

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Your Own Payment Gateway Similar to Stripe or Square

The prospect of having your own payment gateway like Stripe or Square often seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel and the goal that, once achieved, will allow you to solve much of financial and technical problems your company experiences. Although at the start of their operations many ...

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Direct Integrations With Credit Card Networks

What is more beneficial to license an open source payment gateway product or develop own payment gateway? Some businesses that use the services of third-party gateway providers often wonder if it would be more beneficial for them to license an open source payment gateway product or develop a payment gateway of their ...

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How Virtual Payment Facilitator Model works

Difference between virtual and traditional payment facilitation Virtual payment facilitator model is a handy option for software platform providers that want to increase their revenues by providing merchant services to their clients. If a SaaS or POS platform provider wants to become a payment facilitator but is not ready for significant upfront ...

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Software Platform Provider Model Implementation

Payment facilitator implementation Payment facilitator model implementation is a beneficial option for many SaaS and POS platform providers. A software platform provider, that is, usually, acting as an ordinary ISO, already has a certain degree of control over its customers, but is unable to influence the crucial processes, involved in merchant lifecycle, ...

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Replace Legacy System

You are a well-established company that has been using a legacy (mainframe) system for quite some time now to accept payments (on your own behalf or on behalf of your merchants). Your existing system becomes too costly to support and you are not able to accommodate the newly-emerging needs of the customers. ...

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Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, we know firsthand, how challenging it is to choose an optimal payment processing gateway solution for a business. Indeed, selection and implementation of credit card processing gateway solutions depends on multiple interconnected factors that should be taken into consideration.

In addition to this, various types of businesses—startups, merchants, payment facilitator companies, investment firms, venture capital companies, franchisors, SaaS platforms, and online marketplaces—are all keenly interested in specific payment gateway processing services. All the listed business types have their own specific needs and questions to the industry.

All the listed business types have their own specific needs and questions to the industry.

Let us look at the needs and questions, that different companies have to address.

Payment gateway processing needs and questions

Many of our existing and prospective customers seek relevant gateway processing advice. Categories of our customers and readers include but are not limited to:

  • Various startup businesses;
  • Merchants searching for gateway credit card processing solutions and partnerships;
  • PayFac companies;
  • Different types of independent sales organizations;
  • SaaS platforms choosing between different flavors of credit card payment processing gateway options;
  • Venture capital companies and investment firms;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Franchise owners;
  • Payment software providers and ISV that want to keep track of the advanced credit card processing payment gateway
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Industry newcomers often focus on basic questions such as “what is a gateway for credit card processing?”. They need to know the roles of acquirers, processors, and gateways, as well as the differences between these entities.

Merchants and payment facilitator companies are looking for payment gateway credit card processing partnerships. Usually, they need to choose between off-the-shelf and white label payment gateway solutions.

Conventional and wholesale ISOs, SaaS companies, franchisors, online marketplaces, and venture capital firms, are considering the prospect of implementing the payment facilitator model.

Larger companies and international corporations are looking for global gateway credit card processing solutions. These businesses want to know more about cross-border transaction fees, multicurrency operations, and payment processing worldwide.

Payment software developers want to know about the latest fintech trends, advanced technologies, and common payment gateway processing error types they should prevent and avoid.

In order to accommodate the needs and answer the questions of the widest spectrum of readers and customers, we are creating high-quality content. It includes both textual and visual information. Presently, payment gateway processing advice is the largest category of information materials, offered at our resource hub. The section features more than 130 topical articles, covering various aspects of electronic payment processing.

Let us take a closer look at the articles published in the payment gateway advice section of our resource hub.

A sneak-peek at our payment gateway processing advice

Articles in the payment advice section are not grouped into specific categories according to topics or target readers. These articles appeared during the last decade to cover the most relevant issues of fintech, payment processing, and payment services provision.

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Some articles explain the basic concepts related to payment processing ecosystems. They include acquirer, processor, gateway, merchant of record (MOR), ISO, conventional and white-label payment facilitator. These articles will be of interest to those who are familiarizing themselves with fintech field.

Articles on multicurrency payment processing, cross-border transaction fees, and handling payments worldwide will be helpful for international companies.

Advice on implementation of white label payment gateway solutions will be beneficial for companies that are looking to have a payment gateway of their own. It turns out that white label payment gateway offerings, such as UniPay Gateway, provide more control than third-party gateways, but require less investments than off-the-shelf solutions developed from scratch by the company’s development team.

Most articles are dedicated to some specific technical aspects of electronic payment handling. For example, these aspects include usage of EMV toolkits, processing of in-app and mobile payments, split funding model, and others.

A special group of our articles with payment gateway advice covers strategic solutions for large projects. These include legacy system replacement, reduction of processing costs, getting out of PCI scope, and others.

If you are looking for an answer to some specific question, relevant for your particular business model, there is a high chance that you will find it in one of the articles from our payment gateway advice category.

To Summarize

The articles from our payment gateway processing advice section will definitely help you navigate the payment services industry. Enjoy reading and watching our content!

And do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with our UniPay Gateway product,  watch a short video guide, and request a demo.

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