Seamless Payment Integration with UniPay's Flexible Payment Gateway Solutions

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Do you need a more flexible and adaptable technology for providing payment processing services to your customers? Or considering replacing the outdated system you currently use and migrating to a modern one? Are you looking for an individual payment solution and are ready to construct from the beginning? Or, perhaps, you need software that can handle your routine and allow you to expand your cooperation?

UniPay payment gateway solution is a powerful and dynamic open-source system designed to revolutionize the way businesses manage payments. Whereas, UniPay serves various industry-leading entities, including ISV, SaaS companies, developers, software platforms, data management systems, and marketplaces. It has a lot of features that help you to scale the business.

Our experience for your prosperity

UniPay’s online payment gateway solution incorporates over 15 years of operational experience in electronic payment processing, recurring billing, and collections industries and combines it with the newest enterprise-scale, cluster-ready technologies. More than 20,000 merchants have trusted us with their financial transactions. The unique blend of expertise and modern technology allows businesses to meet the up-to-date challenges of the digital marketplace easily and safely.

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International payment gateway capabilities

UniPay’s international payment gateway capabilities open doors for your business to expand its influence and reach new markets.

Global Reach and Cross-Border Capabilities

Our platform enables seamless multi-currency processing of cross-border transactions, including Credit and Debit Card and Direct Debit payments. UniPay is available in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and across Europe. Additionally, we have established partnership cooperation in Europe to further promote and enhance our services. By leveraging UniPay’s integrated network of leading processors and payment facilitation platforms in North America, you can unlock the full potential of your payment capabilities. Experience the power of UniPay, recognized as one of the best online payment system in the US, and propel your business to new heights.

Clear Documentation for Effective Integration

UniPay documentation is vital in helping businesses understand and integrate UniPay’s payment gateway solutions effectively. The documentation includes API documentation, SDK documentation, integration guides, and FAQs. The API documentation provides detailed information about UniPay’s APIs, including endpoints, request and response formats, authentication methods, and available parameters. Simplify your integration process with our SDK documentation, complete with pre-built code libraries and tools.

But be assured our support team is always ready to help you. 

Payment Gateway Project

Comprehensive Payment Software

UniPay payment gateway service offers businesses comprehensive payment software that covers the entire payment management cycle. From the initial capture of payment information to successful payment settlement, UniPay provides a seamless end-to-end solution. Unlock the potential of a robust platform that handles every aspect of your payment ecosystem, including Merchant Underwriting, Automated Onboarding, Transaction Processing, Chargebacks Handling, Recurring Billing, Data Tokenization, Funds Remittance, and Customizable Reporting.

Information Security

The UniPay payment gateway solution prioritizes data security and maintains compliance with industry standards to protect sensitive information. We prioritize data security, using encryption, tokenization, and secure data transmission protocols. UniPay respects the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” (PCI-DSS), ensuring a secure payment environment and regular audits to validate adherence to security standards. By implementing these security measures and maintaining compliance, UniPay assures businesses and their customers that their payment data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

SoftPOS Solution – a new payment possibility

Being part of the global payment system, UniPay Gateway technology supports multiple payment terminal models and offers integration with your payment app installed on your devices. Besides that, we have created a proprietary SoftPOS solution that empowers you to transform your devices into complete payment terminals. Our solution supports both contact and contactless payments, as well as popular e-wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

UniPay’s SoftPOS solution provides a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to expand their payment acceptance capabilities, especially for mobile and on-the-go transactions. By leveraging the power of UniPay’s SoftPOS, businesses can enhance their flexibility, improve customer convenience, and streamline their payment processes.

Flexible Payment Gateway Solutions

UniPay empowers you to optimize your payment operations, enhance your online payment platform’s capabilities, and expand your business abroad. Depending on the specific needs of both small businesses, at the beginning of the way, and large enterprises, we offer you different payment gateway solutions for integration. While scaling your business, you can switch from one model to another:

Payment Gateway Project Seems Complex?

Payments as a Service Offering

If your business has limited payment processing, if you don’t have specific branding requirements, or if you simply want to add transaction processing to your existing services, starting with this model is highly recommended. It allows you to dive into the payment industry, gradually expand your merchant base, grasp the fundamentals of payment processing, establish trustworthy relationships with banks, and gain valuable processing experience. Moreover, this option is cost-effective, as it doesn’t demand significant upfront investments or a dedicated development team.

Contact us now to have a demonstration of the UniPay PaaS option and receive detailed pricing information. Our aim is to become your preferred payment processing solution, offering you a robust, flexible, and feature-rich platform.

White Label Gateway

By choosing this option, you can gain greater control over transactional costs and simplify PCI compliance requirements. White Label Gateway is suitable if you want more control, lower fees, and options that aren’t available within the Payments as a Service model.

White-label gateway allows businesses to process credit card multi-currencies payments and provide payment processing services to their customers, accepting transactions on their websites.

Using this UniPay model is ideal if you seek to process payments under your own brand using a customized solution, and prefer cost savings on payment transaction fees. Moreover, this model proves beneficial for investment companies aiming to centralize payment services for their portfolio companies.

On-Premises Model

Many companies start with our white-label payment gateway solution. As their business scales, they have the option to license our On-Premises solution for in-house operations. This solution is ideal for companies with large transaction volumes. On-Premises solution allows you effortlessly switch from one to another acquiring banks, establish your own payment gateway instance, reduce payment processing fees, have full autonomy over payment processing, and access the source code. Additionally, you have complete control over the merchant cycle, enabling seamless management of your operations.

If you are seeking innovative ways to enhance your brand visibility and raise your merchants’ payment experience and require a powerful payment technology solution that offers full control over onboarding, processing, and funding, contact us to learn more.

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