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UniPay is an innovative and comprehensive payment gateway solution developed by industry experts. It is designed with advanced built-in features and flexible gateway payment services. Our payment gateway services are high-standard, offering a variable and robust platform built on open-source commercial software. This means you have the flexibility to level up your payment gateway with additional services in accordance with your specific needs.

Our team of payment professionals has experience throughout the payment industry. With UniPay, you can leverage your expertise and  technology to meet the challenges of the digital marketplace.

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Create Modern Payment Integrations with Ease

Our platform embraces a diverse array of payment methods, including both contact and contactless payments:

Coupled with the ability to handle multi-currency cross-border transactions, these features empower businesses to expand their global reach and operate seamlessly across borders. In addition to these, we provide an extensive suite of external payment gateway services. These encompass legacy system replacement, processing consolidation, comprehensive payment ecosystem landscaping, PayFac implementation, and EMV implementation.

payment gateway services
Explore with us to find the perfect fit for your business

With UniPay, you’ll discover flexible and tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs. So, what exactly are payment gateway services?

Legacy Payment System Replacement

What is legacy payment system replacement? Legacy system replacement involves the replacement of your existing mainframe-based payment infrastructure with more modern payment technology.

Who will benefit? This service is particularly useful for businesses operating on previous generations of mainframes and relying on recurring billing and processing. Such companies generally prefer to have control over their payment infrastructure and not rely on third-party external solutions.

What do we offer? Our experienced team specializes in mainframe replacement and understands the necessary processes involved. We will work closely with you to strategize and plan the migration of merchant data, account information, and more. For your further convenience, we provide guidance and support during the migration process to ensure a smooth transition.

Payment Gateway Project Seems Complex?

Payment Processing Consolidation

What is payment processing consolidation? Payment processing consolidation refers to the consolidation of different departments and subsidiary companies onto a single payment platform.

Who will benefit? Private equity funds with a portfolio of companies seeking to consolidate their processing to reduce costs and increase profitability. It is also suitable for holding companies and large enterprises that require and maintain multiple companies, either maintaining their original brand or combining them within their own larger brands and want to consolidate their payment process.

What do we offer? We have extensive experience working with holdings and other key decision-makers. We can assist in integrating the software platforms of your portfolio companies with our payment processing platform, enabling efficient consolidation. Additionally, we can subsequently help negotiate better pricing with acquiring banks, maximizing cost savings for your organization.

Payments Ecosystem

What is a payments ecosystem? The payments ecosystem refers to the design and implementation of a new payment environment using UniPay’s payment gateway as the foundation.

Who will benefit? This service is beneficial for companies looking to establish their own payment ecosystem and become Payment Service Providers (PSPs). It is especially suitable for emerging markets like Latin America, Asia, and GCC countries.

What do we offer? We offer comprehensive support in setting up and maintaining a new payment ecosystem. Our services include assistance with PCI auditing, selection of HSM or terminal vendors, and data migration. Additionally, we can provide expert advice on forming an operations team and an underwriting team to ensure smooth operations within the ecosystem.

PayFac Payment Service

What is payfac payment service? The payment facilitator payment service is a consulting service, which helps to devise a comprehensive solution, depending on the company’s needs. It allows your companiy to take control of your payment processing operations and become payment facilitator.

Who will benefit? Companies that aim to expand their business and gain more control over the payment process. As a payment facilitator, you have the opportunity to optimize your payment operations, enhance underwriting processes, and elevate the overall payment experience.

What do we offer? We offer expertise and guidance to help you establish and operate as a payment facilitator. Our PayFac Service provides the necessary infrastructure, tools, and support. We assist in selecting the right acquiring bank, implementing robust underwriting procedures, developing secure payment infrastructure, and achieving PCI compliance.

EMV Terminal Payment Service

What are EMV terminal? EMV Payment Terminal Service is a software and hardware solution designed to enable secure transactions with chip cards, adhering to the Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standards.

Who will benefit? Companies wanting to enhance the security and reliability of payment transactions will greatly benefit from this solution. It is particularly valuable if you handle in-person transactions and wish to implement chip card technology to ensure secure payments.

What do we offer? We provide support and expertise to assist you in implementing the EMV Payment Terminal Service. Our services include helping you select terminal vendors and models, find appropriate fulfillment centers for terminal initialization and injection, obtain EMV certification, and offer assistance with remote encryption key injection.

Payment Gateway Project

Beyond Payments: Relationship & Merchant Management

We offer variety of payment gateway services. It goes beyond traditional payment gateways by offering additional features such as relationship management and merchant management capabilities. These capabilities allow you to set up and maintain strong connections with your customers. With tools for customer data management, communication tracking, and customer support integration, you can provide personalized experiences, address inquiries and issues promptly, and foster long-term loyalty.

In addition, our merchant management capabilities empower your business to efficiently onboard and manage your merchant partners. The platform offers streamlined merchant underwriting, automated onboarding, and customizable reporting, enabling you to easily handle merchant accounts, track performance, and ensure seamless payment processing.

Payment gateway pricing strategies tailored to align with your unique business requirements.

To fuel your continued growth, we present flexible pricing options that enable you to transition between plans as needed. With three distinct pricing strategies at your disposal, you can select the one that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

By carefully choosing the right payment gateway pricing strategy, you can synchronize your payment processing with your business’s growth and ever-changing needs. Rest assured, our team is here to provide the essential support and expertise to implement and manage these pricing options seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Ready to elevate your payment operations to new heights?

With UniPay’s comprehensive payment gateway services, including web payment gateway and subscription services, you can streamline your payment processes, enhance online capabilities, and secure global expansion. From overcoming payment challenges to implementing seamless solutions, UniPay is your partner in achieving smooth, reliable payment operations. Contact us today to discover how we can help you move beyond challenges and embrace success with our tailored payment gateway services.

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