White Label Payment Gateway

Key Benefits of the "White Label" Model:

Are you unhappy with your current payment processing partner? Are you tired of hidden fees eating into your profit while not receiving the promised services and support you expected? Or, do you need a more flexible and customizable technology to provide payment processing services to your customers at the highest level?

Create Your Own Payment Gateway

Create your own white label payment gateway and offer affordable, simple, and transparent payment processing to your clients. All you need to start offering reliable payment services to your merchants is an advanced technology that seamlessly integrates with your front-end software.

White Label Payment Solutions

White Label Payment solutions are fully hosted in our environment to help businesses greatly reduce and simplify PCI compliance requirements.

Companies that choose this option can gain greater control over transactional costs too. So, it’s the smart choice for businesses that want more control, lower fees, and options that aren’t available within the Payments as a Service model.

white label payment gateway
Private Label Payment Processing

This model was developed for businesses that are serious about monetizing payments as part of their software offering platform and are interested in processing payments under their own brand or providing payment services for portfolio companies.

White Label Card Solutions

With our white-label gateway, businesses can process credit card payments in various currencies and provide payment processing services to their customers, allowing them to accept payment transactions on their respective websites. This is the best option if you want to process payments under your own brand with a custom solution while saving on payment transaction fees.

This UniPay model is also suitable for investment companies that want to consolidate payment services for their portfolio companies.

Payment Gateway Project Seems Complex?

What is White Label Payment Gateway? What Does it Provide?

For specific pricing details and to see a demonstration of the UniPay payment processing platform, contact us now. We’re ready to help you get to the next level with our products and services.

White-Label Payment Solution

What Businesses Can Benefit From a White Label Payment Gateway?

If you are the owner of a small eCommerce website, you probably don’t need white-label merchant processing services. But, if your business belongs to SaaS platforms, Payment Facilitators, ISOs, ISVs, Equity groups, or Investments Companies – a white label payment gateway might be the right solution for you.

Main Benefits of Using UniPay White Label Gateway

The unique advantage of our solution is that it is not only accessible as a hosted and white label payment gateway instance, but it can also be licensed. Therefore, whichever option you choose, you will never outgrow us. You can start with a white-label instance, and if you eventually decide to implement your own instance, you will always be able to acquire your own license. Furthermore, we will help you migrate all your data and servers into your own data centers.

We can even help with PCI compliance hosting and maintenance of your servers.

Using a white label solution:

So, with UniPay’s white-label offering, you can process all types of credit cards and support tokenization, Payment Pages, Android terminals, SoftPOS solutions, remittance, chargebacks, and recurring billing management.

Our white-label solution has been used by Fortune 10 companies and the largest facilitators in North America. It includes professional services that allow you to customize and add any necessary functionalities.

You will receive a white label payment gateway with a complete card-present solution, including SoftPOS and remote key loading mechanisms.

What are the Downsides of Using a White-Label Solution?

Before listing the drawbacks of a white label payment gateway, we should mention the main principle of white-labeling is – the more merchants you serve, the more payment transactions you process, and therefore, the less you pay for payment processing. So, the white-label solution will be the most cost-effective for you if you deal with large payment volumes.

One of the downsides of a white-label gateway that could be critical for you is that you don’t have enough control over the process. Everything is handled by the gateway provider, including PCI compliance, integrations, certifications, maintenance, etc. Also, if multiple users share your gateway solution, it can work slowly due to overload.

Choosing a White Label Gateway Provider

Choosing the right payment gateway partner can be the key to your brand’s success, so try to approach the choice of white-label solutions as carefully as possible.

If you are looking for a new way to promote your brand or improve your merchants’ payment experience, and need a robust payment technology that brings more control to onboarding, processing, and funding, consider trying UniPay Gateway’s white-label solution today. We’d love to meet you and showcase how you can use our platform for your benefit.

Need more information on the benefits of white label payment gateway solutions? Check out our short but informative video guide on the subject.

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