October 10, 2018
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James Davis
Written by James Davis
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Your Own Payment Gateway Similar to Stripe or Square

The prospect of having your own payment gateway like Stripe or Square often seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel and the goal that, once achieved, will allow you to solve much of financial and technical problems your company experiences.

Although at the start of their operations many merchants find Stripe or Square to be the best payment platform they can partner with, as they grow, they start having doubts. Some find the partnership too costly while some are upset by lack of vitally important new logic that would allow them to meet newly emerging needs and requirements. At this point many merchants decide to look for alternative payment solutions. These may include finding an alternative service provider that can offer better terms and more advanced functionality, building a payment gateway from scratch

UniPay Gateway – white-label payment gateway

Or course, building your own payment gateway is a costly and labor-intensive process itself, so often it might be more beneficial to switch to some kind of a white-label payment gateway solution. For many merchants and payment facilitators, white-label solutions, offered by platforms like UniPay Gateway, might, actually, be the most suitable alternatives.

If high credit card processing fees seem to be your main problem, then you should think twice before actually switching to an alternative payment gateway solution. While gateway fees may decrease, a lot of new costs will emerge, and in order to benefit from the transition, you will need to process really large consolidated transaction volumes.

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