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White Label Payment Gateway and How to Implement It


A white label payment gateway solution is easier to implement than a custom payment gateway product developed from scratch. However, many companies that decide to make some money on white label payment gateway services, make costly mistakes along the way, because they do not know how to approach the process properly. In order for your white label payment gateway project to be a success, you have to follow a strict sequence of steps. Otherwise, your white label gateway might remain dysfunctional or disconnected to crucial platforms. In the worst case, you might be unable to provide white label payment services to your target customers.

So, just like in the case of white label merchant services, the first thing to address is the key partnerships.

4 major partners of a white label payment gateway provider

There are four categories of partnerships you should focus on, first and foremost. Here they are.

  • A sponsor bank – the one to connect you with card brands.
  • An acquiring bank – the one to authorize you to provide payment gateway services.
  • A payment processor – to process all the payments that go through your system.
  • A commercial bank – to help you fund the merchants.

Some large-size banks, such as Chase, can provide all 4 services in one package.

Once you find these partners, or at least know what they are going to be, you might start working on the actual implementation of the project.

3 conceptual steps on the way to white label gateway

  1. Define the time limits. True, you are not building a custom gateway product from scratch. But do not be too optimistic. A white label gateway project might take 6 to 12 months to implement.
  2. Define the methods. Which architectural solutions will you need? How they are going to be deployed, certified, and integrated with other systems? These are the key issues to address at this stage.
  3. Share the responsibilities. Who is going to develop, implement, certify the listed solutions, and integrate them with target platforms? You or the provider?

From conceptual viewpoint, these steps might look simple and trivial, but the devil hides in the details.

Feel free to contact us and learn, how to avoid the losses and mistakes on the way to implementation of your own white label payment gateway solution.

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How to Implement a White Label Payment Gateway
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