February 10, 2021
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Written by James Davis
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Video Guides

Payment Card Decline Recycling

Credit card declines and dealing with them can be real problems for every business that deals with recurring payments processing. Generally speaking, credit card declines can occur for various reasons such as insufficient funds, “account closed,” and the like. In these cases, payments cannot be processed, therefore the transaction is declined ...

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Batch Payment Processing for Business

Most subscription-based businesses and SaaS companies typically face similar difficulties when processing large transaction volumes. Large volume transaction processing challenges cause many business owners to start searching for automated batch processing options. They are sure this functionality can make their clients' billing experience faster, easier, and more secure. Batch Processing is the ...

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Why it is So Important to Know How a Hosted Payment Page Works

A hosted payment page is a form located outside of the merchant's website, where customers are redirected to make a transaction while paying for goods or services. We are convinced that every merchant should be fully aware of how a hosted payment page work. Nevertheless, if merchants prefer to outsource most of ...

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Recurring Billing Software

Is your business relates to the subscription-based or SaaS models? If so, you should seriously consider implementing recurring billing software. This approach will definitely improve your business's billing efficiency and the security of your payment gateway technology. You probably have questions along the lines of, “What other types of businesses can ...

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Payment Tokenization

If you are somehow related to the payments industry, you may have heard about payment tokenization many times. But do you actually know much about its function and what this payment gateway option is for? The first thing to know about tokenization is that it is a must-have for payments and ...

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How Merchant Onboarding Works and How to Improve It

It’s no secret that developing businesses seek to have as many new, high-quality merchants. But how to make merchants sign up for payment processing services? To do so, businesses need a best-in-class payment gateway operating seamlessly and allowing to add new merchants constantly to the payment system. Providing payment gateway services ...

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What Is A Payment Gateway?

Complete Payment System Many businesses have a misconception about payment gateway and their primary functions. Many merchants believe that owning a payment gateway is just like having a mobile application, meaning that it should work as soon as they acquire it. In most cases, businesses don’t know that a payment technology only facilitates ...

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How Payments Work

Typically, neither merchants nor their customers need to gain in-depth knowledge of the bankcard system and its operational process. They rely entirely on banks and credit card processors to manage transactions and the payments lifecycle. But, why not have a better understanding of how payments work and how transactions occur? Knowledge in ...

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Powerful and Robust Payment Platform

Choosing a payment gateway to accept credit card transactions is not a problem for just startups and middle-sized businesses. Investment companies often also arrive at the idea of unifying all of the companies within their portfolio with one powerful and robust payment platform. From this point, the lengthy search for a ...

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Three Little Pigs and a Payment Gateway

Because the payment gateway launching process seems like a tedious and time-consuming process for many businesses, most prefer to hire a third party to accomplish this task. By doing so, a business relieves itself of responsibility and completely entrusts the process to the hired team of specialists to implement a payment solution. What ...

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How to Own a Payment Gateway

It’s cool that we live in a world where emerging businesses don’t have to struggle to move cash. Accepting payments online and owning a payment gateway is a part of an overall business strategy. This is an excellent start to improving your customers’ experience, adding value to your business, and protecting ...

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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway

The process of selecting the best payment gateway can be a confusing experience for any business regardless of its budget and size. So many different things to consider, different options, traps to fall into if you are not knowledgeable about payment gateways! Which is the right one? Does it even matter which ...

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Why An Open-Source Payment Gateway is the Best Solution For Your Business

Most people think open source payment gateway technology is completely free of charge. However, this is often not the case. Hidden fees, compliance obligations, and deployment dependencies often create a myriad of challenges for businesses. We offer open source solutions for startups and enterprise businesses to start accepting online payments quickly regardless ...

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30+ informative videos about payment processors and payment gateways

Having worked in the industry for fifteen years, we know what a challenge it is to select optimal payment processors and gateway partners for your business. Indeed, in order to choose the best payment processors and gateways, a company has to take care of multiple interconnected aspects.

Simultaneously, various entities, including merchants, payment facilitators, PSPs, ISOs, and SaaS companies, seek digital payment processors and gateways to support specific functions. Each of the listed types of businesses has its own needs and queries for the industry.

What different companies expect from payment processors

We get plenty of questions about payment services, credit card payment processors, and gateways from our customers and readers on a regular basis. So, we are constantly trying to tailor our content according to their specific needs. Our current and potential customer base encompasses primary categories, including the following ones:

  • Startup businesses,
  • Merchants of different sizes, including micro-merchants, SMEs, and large providers,
  • Independent sales organizations,
  • SaaS platform providers,
  • online marketplaces looking for info on website payment processors,
  • franchise owners,
  • investment firms and venture capital companies,
  • payment facilitator and payment service provider companies,
  • other providers of payment services
  • payment software developers.

Common questions

Those new to the industry want to familiarize themselves with examples of payment processors and learn how they work. It is useful to start with learning the difference between a payment processor, an acquiring bank, and a payment gateway.

Startups frequently seek the cheapest payment processors with the lowest fees. It’s crucial to note that the least expensive option may not always be the best, given the many other factors to weigh when choosing a payment gateway or processing partner.

Businesses, representing high risk industries are looking for high risk payment processors and respective payment gateway solutions. Many high-risk merchants with high chargeback rates choose to partner with wholesale independent sales organizations, because chargeback rates of wholesale ISOs are calculated as average across all their sub-merchants.

Enterprises aiming to deploy their payment solutions often face a choice between third party payment processors or gateways and white-label payment gateway solutions. The commonly considered options include a solution developed from scratch, a third party solution, and various flavors of white label payment solutions. For instance, UniPay Gateway is a white label payment gateway software solution, available in a hosted and licensable open-source code versions.

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Marketplace owners seek continuous updates on the activities of online payment processors. Many inquire about the payment gateways utilized by major industry players like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. However, in reality it is not specific solutions, but a business model that makes a difference.

Businesses that want to operate internationally try to replicate the models of global payment processors and top payment facilitators.

There is plenty of information about payment gateways and payment processors online. In our turn, we have created tons of high-quality content and documentation to address the needs of the widest audience of fintech industry players. However, not every visitor of our website knows exactly what topic he or she is really interested in. In order to spare the readers’ time, we are putting together short informative video guides. Our guides allow the website visitors to quickly define and focus on the aspects that really matter, select the most relevant materials for further reading, get to the point, and request concise consultations from our specialists.

If you are unready to digest complete documents and address our payment experts with questions, or simply don’t know where to start the journey through the industry, you are welcome to watch our short but concise videos. Each of the video guides is dedicated to a specific aspect of payment handling. Video guides’ duration ranges from one to four minutes, but they convey a large amount of relevant and useful information.

What the videos are about

The video guides are not explicitly sorted into categories. However, we can outline some common topics.

Our product

The first videos to appear online were the ones describing UniPay Gateway, a white label payment gateway solution which is our flagship product. Those who want to know more about UniPay Gateway technology can start their acquaintance with it by watching a couple of short but informative video guides.

White papers and payment monetizing

A special group of video guides is dedicated to our respective white papers. Indeed, before reading a whole white paper it makes sense to look through a one-minute video, briefly outlining its content. The white papers cover such topics as implementation of your own payment gateway solution, becoming a PayFac, EMV terminal solutions, reduction of payment processing costs, and other industry-relevant subjects.

Those who want to partner with or follow the examples of international payment processors can enjoy video guides on white label payment gateway implementation, white label PayFac model, payment monetization for SaaS platforms, and monetizing embedded payments in general.

Key definitions and principles

Some of the videos are dedicated to important subjects every fintech player should understand. These subjects include the following:

If you are interested in innovative payment technologies, you are welcome to check out the video guides on crypto payments and SoftPOS solutions. We are glad to share our experience of implementing these innovations within our payment technology.

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To Summarize

If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth much more.

We hope our short video guides will be a good starting point of your journey through the fintech industry. In addition to the resource hub, you are welcome to subscribe to our Youtube channel.  Enjoy studying our content!

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