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White label Payment Facilitator Model


Many companies at the present-day merchant services market are considering the prospect of becoming a payment facilitator. While becoming a full-fledged PayFac is associated with a burden of multiple requirements and responsibilities, a white-label solution may be a plausible option even for those, who are not ready to assume this burden all at once. White label services provision is an arrangement when all the services associated with merchant lifecycle (onboarding, provisioning, merchant funding, credit card chargeback handling etc) are performed under the umbrella of a larger PayFac or a PSP under the company’s brand. Such white label branding of services can be both a long-term or an intermediate solution for a company on the way to payment facilitator model. White label software can be later licensed by the white label payment facilitator and taken in-house to be customized as necessary.

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White label Payment Facilitator Model обновлено: October 16, 2021 автором: Katherine Pensatori
White label Payment Facilitator Model
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White label Payment Facilitator Model
Are you on the way to become a PayFac? Find out how white label payment facilitator model can give you all the features of PayFac without investing huge amount of time and money.
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