September 26, 2023
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Payments API: Best integration practices

Intro: why payments API concept is important for your business Why is the concept of payments API so vital? Accepting payments is an integral part of any business. Therefore, selecting an optimal payment processing or gateway partner is extremely important. At the same time, it is not sufficient to just select the ...

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Payment Gateway Comparison Guidelines

Key Takeaways The guidelines provide a comprehensive framework for comparing and selecting optimal payment gateways, focusing on criteria such as API integration, tech support, hardware compatibility, merchant onboarding, and support for various payment methods. For startups and smaller businesses, choices like PayPal, Stripe, and Square may suffice, but larger platforms, including SaaS companies ...

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What is a Crypto Payment Solution?

Key Takeaways Investment Viability: Based on factors like a high TVL, a stable stETH peg, and a relatively low risk score, investing in Lido Finance is considered a sound and secure option, offering a 4% return in the ever-changing DeFi landscape. Crypto Payment Solutions Overview: Crypto payment solutions enable transactions using cryptocurrencies, offering ...

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SoftPOS solution: concept and implementation tips for businesses

Key Takeaways SoftPOS Concept and Adoption: SoftPOS systems, converting smartphones or tablets into POS systems using NFC, are gaining popularity, especially among SMEs and micro-merchants. This hardware-free solution offers high mobility and complements traditional terminal solutions in omnichannel offerings. However, SoftPOS transactions have limitations in transaction amounts and frequency due to security ...

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Monetizing Payments for SaaS

Key Takeaways SaaS platforms are increasingly recognizing the potential of embedded or integrated payment logic to generate substantial revenue, moving beyond viewing merchant services as just an added benefit provided by third parties. Implementing embedded payment solutions not only offers an avenue for payment monetization but also enhances competitive advantage, customer retention, and ...

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Omnichannel Payment Gateway Solutions: Present and Future

Key Takeaways PCI Compliance and Security: Ensuring PCI DSS compliance is crucial for omnichannel payment solutions, involving cryptographic protection of cardholder data, strict access controls, and regular testing of security systems. Costs vary based on compliance level, with higher levels requiring annual audits and additional expenses for tokenization or HSM encryption. ...

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With years of industry experience, we understand the challenge of choosing the right payment gateway and credit card processing solutions for your company. Indeed, selection and implementation of electronic and online payment processing solutions involves multiple aspects that your business needs to address.

Furthermore, various business types, including merchants, payment facilitators, SaaS platforms, and online marketplaces, seek tailored payment gateway and online processing services. Each entity brings its unique needs and queries to the industry.

Important aspects of payment processing

Let us list are the most important aspects of payment processing that interest our customers and readers. To remind, the main categories of our target audiences include, but are not limited to the following ones:

  • startups,
  • micro-merchants, SMEs, enterprise-level companies,
  • PayFacs and payment service providers,
  • conventional and wholesale ISOs,
  • SaaS companies,
  • online marketplace owners,
  • franchisors,
  • investment firms,
  • venture capital companies,
  • payment processing system developers and payment software engineers.

Individuals new to the industry may pose basic questions such as: what is payment processing and how does it function?

Businesses that are already looking for specific solutions want to know, which payment types and methods their partner payment gateway and payment processing companies have to support. Diverse payment types and methods lead to greater diversification of customer bases, bringing in new revenue streams. On the other hand, they mean greater responsibility and larger potential costs.

Owners of online marketplaces may seek optimal choices for website payment processing, given that their primary revenue source revolves around online sales.

Enterprises looking for cutting-edge solutions to facilitate payment processing online, as well as mobile and in-app payment processing, along with crypto payment support, naturally want to know more about them.

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A sneak-peek at our payment processing guides

Every type of business, representing some segment of our readers or customers, might benefit most from a specific guide. Let us briefly outline the contents of each of the five guides from the resource hub. This may help you find the right information for your specific use case.

Omnichannel Payment Gateway Solutions

Chronologically, the first comprehensive guide in our resource hub was the one dedicated to omni-channel payment gateway solutions. This guide will be helpful for diverse categories of businesses, including merchants, PayFacs, online marketplaces, SaaS platforms, and online payment processing companies.

The guide starts with a description of the requirements and challenges specific to payment gateway projects. The first section particularly emphasizes the importance of acquiring bank partnerships and payment gateway solution certifications. The second section outlines the features of an omni-channel gateway solution that your business might require. The third and fourth sections describe various models of payment gateway solutions and provide useful tips on how to select a proper gateway implementation model for your business. Judging from our experience, a white label payment gateway solution suits the widest range of business types.

Monetizing Payments for SaaS

As we can see from the title, this guide is primarily targeted at SaaS companies that want to generate new revenue streams from payments. Some of these companies are already developing software for payment processing systems without getting their residual revenue share from the process. The guide provides useful recommendations on how to monetize payment experience if you are a SaaS business.

It turns out, there are many payment monetization strategies your business can follow. For instance, you can monetize various types of markups, diversify pricing plans, and offer a wide range of basic and advanced features to your respective customers. Almost every sub-section of the guide includes an illustrative example, demonstrating the respective feature which can bring additional income to your business.

Besides SaaS companies, the guide may be useful for any other businesses that want to start making money on payment services.

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SoftPOS solution: concept and implementation

In essence, SoftPOS solutions can be considered an extension of contactless payment terminal solutions, only they do not require physical hardware. That is why they interest multiple categories of businesses: from micro-merchants working in the field to large companies and top payment facilitators that want to save on payment terminals or add SoftPOS functionality to their existing offerings. All these diverse categories of businesses can benefit from SoftPOS solution implementation and, therefore, from the advice and tips provided in our respective guide.

In the initial sections of the guide we describe the concept of SoftPOS solutions, as well as the history of their emergence. Then we move on to their advantages and disadvantages, as well as various important aspects a business should consider when implementing a SoftPOS solution.

What is a crypto payment solution?

 Crypto payment solutions are, probably, even more innovative than SoftPOS concept. Although most merchants do not plan to entirely switch to cryptocurrency from conventional payment mediums, many companies consider crypto payment processing a priority. So, if you want to add crypto payment functionality to your omni-channel payment gateway offering, or just want to learn more about blockchains and how crypto payments work, then our respective guide is for you.

The guide starts with a description of the crypto payment solution concept and arguments in favor of crypto payment support. Then we move on to a brief outline of existing crypto payment solutions and three approaches to their implementation, including a white label payment gateway option. After that we explain how to implement a crypto payment solution for a platform and how to select the best blockchain based on your specific business needs. In the final section we provide a brief overview of the main crypto payment solution costs.

Payment gateway comparison guidelines

 We have been helping companies select optimal payment gateway solutions for their business models for more than a decade. Moreover, our flagship product is a universal white label payment gateway solution.

So, our payment gateway selection guidelines combine our large experience of working in this area and specific case studies, where examples of actual gateway solutions are compared among themselves. We start with an outline of the key payment gateway selection criteria. Then we move on to comparing several payment gateway products according to these criteria and providing specific recommendations as to their suitability for different kinds of businesses.

In our guidelines we are not selecting “the best” gateway product, but rather describing a comparison methodology and illustrating how to use it. If you are searching for a gateway technology to partner with, this guide is definitely for you.

Payments API: best integration practices

Selection of the most suitable payment processing or gateway partner is an important task for any business that wants to accept electronic payments. However, beside selecting a payment partner it is important to integrate with it, and Payments API is a crucial component of a successful payment integration. In our guide we describe the most important features and factors a company should focus on when selecting the best Payments API for integration. Besides that, we provide many useful tips on how to make your integration project a success and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

To summarize

 Again, this has been just a sneak peek at our payment processing guides. Hopefully, our materials will help you navigate the industry and choose optimal solutions for your business. Enjoy studying our content!

Also, you are welcome to familiarize yourself with UniPay Gateway product,  watch a short video guide, and request a demo.

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