On-Premises Pricing Model

Key Benefits of the "On-Premises" Model:

On-Premises Solution

Are you looking to have your own payment solution and are ready to build it from scratch? Or are you willing to connect your payment gateway instance to Visa and MasterCard directly or through a processor? Considering replacing the outdated system you currently use and migrating to a modern one? Or perhaps you need to fully control transaction processing and prefer all processing data to be stored in your country on your servers?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, we have an offering for you. Our On-Premises Solution provides companies with their own payment brand, allowing businesses to bring the payment ecosystem onto their servers for total control. So, if you want to bring payment processing in-house or build your own payment ecosystem, UniPay On-Premises is the best option for you.

UniPay On-Premises Advantages

As you can see, our On-Premises solution means you can switch from one acquiring bank to another hassle-free, set up your own payment gateway instance, save on payment processing fees, gain complete control over payment processing, and access the source code. 

on premises pricing model
Choose UniPay Gateway

You can fully manage the merchant cycle – from Onboarding to Processing, Recurring Billing and Remittance of Funds, Card-Present (including a SoftPOS solution) and Card-Not-Present technology, Payment Pages, and APIs.

In addition, you can also benefit from our Terminal Solutions, based on Ingenico and Sunmi devices.

So, our On-Premises solution is an ideal mainframe replacement that allows you to take your existing payment solution to a new level. We have extensive experience migrating legacy mainframe-based systems onto the new model platform. This includes merchant data migration, transactional data migration, tokens and cards data migration, etc.

Most clients usually pick our On-Premises solution because they are looking for a highly customizable platform that provides them with advanced functionality, high scalability, the possibility of adding new integrations, and reliable support.  Further, as their businesses grow, they need a solution that will be able to serve more customers, partners, and transactions. Our solution is the perfect fit for such companies.

Payment Gateway Project

If you choose the On-Premises solution or software license, there will be no limitations to your current capabilities. You can request the development of new modules, add new integrations, and customize existing back- or front-ends.

Additionally, we offer an option to choose our data centers to host your servers with your own instances.

So, if your company needs a modern, feature-rich, and adaptable payment processing solution, consider the UniPay platform. Contact us for more information about our On-Premises Offering and receive a quote based on your business-specific needs.

Which Companies Benefit the Most From the UniPay "On-Premises" Model

A lot of companies in their initial phases tend to start with our white-label payment solution. With time, as their business scales, they have the option to license our product and have everything in-house with the On-Premises solution.

Our On-Premises offering is a popular choice for companies with large transaction volumes and portfolio companies wanting to consolidate their volumes and reduce operational costs. This model can also help increase your company’s valuation in the eyes of investors through ownership of your own payment solution.

Payment Gateway Project Seems Complex?
If you are a holding company, it would be highly beneficial to consolidate the processing of all companies through one platform using our On-Premises solution.

Our platform will help you streamline payment processing to improve working relationships between departments and companies. You will also be able to create a better workforce that can move throughout your company as needed since all subsidiaries will share a common payment processing system.

And there’s more. Choosing the right consolidated payment solution could improve efficiency by unifying underwriting, reconciliation, and reporting procedures across your companies and bring greater ease for your staff, clients, and customers.

Why Companies Should Choose the “On-Premises” Model

Is “On-Premises” the Right Choice for You

If you choose the On-Premises mise solution, you’ll need to allocate a much bigger budget from the very beginning. Additional customizations, new integrations, and new modules will require significant investments. But these investments will bring you more opportunities in terms of new products, services, and competitive advantage within the industry. Depending on your current volume and the fees you currently pay, these investments may not actually be significant.

on premises pricing model
Choosing an On-Premises License Provider

If you are looking for a new way to promote your brand and improve your merchants’ payment experience and need a robust payment technology that provides complete control of onboarding, processing, and funding, consider trying UniPay Gateway’s On-Premises solution today. We’d love to meet you and showcase how you can benefit most from our platform.

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