How To Choose The Right EMV Terminal Solution

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Whatever your business, be sure that you will come across a large variety of payment terminals: countertop terminals, portable terminals, virtual terminals, Wi-Fi or GPRS Credit Card Terminals. But how to select the best payment terminal solution for you and your merchants?

With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together our experience and knowledge in a guide to EMV retail POS systems so that you can make the trustworthy investment in your business success and the best decision of your chip card reader as well.

If you run a business that involves face-to-face contact with your customers, such as a retail shop, a fitness club or a restaurant, you may deal exclusively in “card-present” transactions and the best terminal option may be a countertop point-of-sale model.

If you are a merchant who takes mail orders or telephone/fax orders, or if you do business on the internet, you should work with the virtual terminals. 

There are a few questions that merchants can ask themselves to help them decide which terminal is the right fit for them:

To get more instructions on how to choose the right EMV solution that maximizes efficiency, is easy to use and provides the level of service required by the merchants in their particular industry and establishment, download our white paper or contact us directly.

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