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On this page you are welcome to familiarize yourselves with the benefits and flavors of EMV terminal solutions offered by UniPay Gateway technology.

Do you need to accept card-present payments through your application? Do you want to improve a payment solution that works on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets? Would you like to add contact and contactless payment functionality as well as e-wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay to this solution? Are your employees regularly using your payment app(s) in the field (for example, at fairs, festivals, exhibitions, or at golf courses)? Do you need mechanisms and solutions, ensuring truly mobile payment experience? Maybe, you just want to improve your existing Android-based payment terminal solution?

If any of these points ring the bell, take a closer look at the assortment of our EMV terminal solutions.

Payment Gateway Project

Advantages of EMV Terminal Solutions Supported by UniPay Gateway

Overall benefits of United Thinkers’ EMV terminal solutions

Sunmi P2 Lite, P2 Pro, and P2 Mini;

Ingenico Telium 2 devices (iCT xxx, iPP xxx, iSC xxx, iWL xxx).

Payment Gateway Project Seems Complex?

Android-specific EMV terminal solution benefits

Nowadays, Android-based payment terminal solutions are becoming more and more popular. One of the reasons for this popularity is that Android-based terminal applications are fit for both physical point of sale terminals (coming from different vendors) and SoftPOS solutions. For instance, you don’t have to develop a new terminal application to switch from regular payment processing terminals to SoftPOS. Minor adjustments might be enough to start accepting payments with alternative vendor’s or SoftPOS terminal solution.

Another advantage of Android-based terminals is that they allow users to run their own applications on them.

Additional benefits: at United Thinkers we also provide

Who can benefit from our EMV terminal solutions

Payment terminal solution by United Thinkers is suitable for multiple types of businesses, including the following ones.

SoftPOS solution implementation challenges

SoftPOS solutions are hardware-free and they don’t involve any physical terminal-related costs.

At the same time, implementation of a SoftPOS solution is a complex multi-phase process. It involves the following key aspects and steps:

If you want to impement a SoftPOS solution in addition an existing EMV terminal solution, you are welcom to watch our short video guide on the subject.

UniPay Gateway payment terminal solution allows you to go through all these steps and phased smoothly and seamlessly. In fact, we can take care of most of the aspects for you.

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