July 2, 2018
Written by
James Davis
Written by James Davis
Senior Technical Writer at United Thinkers

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Kathrine Pensatori
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Replace Legacy System

You are a well-established company that has been using a legacy (mainframe) system for quite some time now to accept payments (on your own behalf or on behalf of your merchants).

Your existing system becomes too costly to support and you are not able to accommodate the newly-emerging needs of the customers. As a result you loose business. You would be glad to update the system accordingly, but its legacy nature does not allow for addition of the new logic.

Usually, companies that find themselves in the situation described above are either rewriting the code from scratch or trying to build a new front end on top of the legacy back end, however, these approaches are not always effective.

If you build the new code from scratch, you, usually, gather a new development team that lacks certain experience and industry knowledge. As a result, the team develops a product that does not meet all the initial needs and requires multiple additional works.

If you decide to build the new front-end functionality (add new functions), this solution might partially satisfy the customers’ current needs. However, as customers demand more, you hit the same limitations that you had before.

In order to replace your legacy enterprise system with some new solution the optimal strategy is to use some already existing basic product (robust technology), supported by a group of developers with at least 10 year’s working experience in payment processing industry (including migration of merchant data etc). United Thinkers’ flagship product, UniPay Gateway platform, satisfies both these criteria. Many companies facing the above-listed problems successfully use UniPay Gateway as the optimal solution.

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