Choose the payment gateway solution for you

Payments as Service


All merchant-facing resources, including payment pages and merchant statements, will have your logo


Technical and customer support for your merchants


Payment solution design, integration support, and monetization strategy development

Hosting & PCI:

Fully PCI compliant environment and assistance with your compliance needs


Competitive transaction fees and payment monetization options

Custom Development:

Basic customizations can be included as part of standard releases

Upgrade Capability:

Option to upgrade to the White Label model available

White Label Gateway


All merchant-facing resources, including payment pages and merchant statements, will have your logo and URL


Technical and operations support for your team and ISVs


Payment solutions design and ISV integration assistance

Hosting & PCI:

Fully PCI compliant environment and assistance with your PCI audit


Competitive platform subscription fees with low transaction fees

Custom Development:

New feature updates for terminals, banks, processor or gateway integrations available

Upgrade Capability:

Option to upgrade to the On-Premise model available



Full branding flexibility, logo and URL personalization available on your own instances


Technical and operations support for your team (including developers) and ISVs


Payment solution design, operations and ISVs integration assistance

Hosting & PCI:

Asistance with your PCI Audit and PCI Compliant Hosting implementation; hosting in our data centers is available


Licensing fees only. No transaction or subscription fees

Custom Development:

Dedicated developers available to implement new features, terminal, bank, processor or gateway integrations

Upgrade Capability:

Access to the source code for your team

* the cost of consulting services is deducted from the cost of license if purchased

If you’re looking for detailed information on payment gateway solution pricing, or if you need guidance in selecting the most suitable option for your business, we can assist you in evaluating your payment processing needs and recommend a solution that aligns best with your specific business domain.

Request a free consultation now to choose a solution tailored to your business’s unique requirements!

Payment gateway pricing strategies tailored to align with your unique business requirements.

To support your ongoing business growth, we offer adaptable pricing options, giving you the freedom to shift between plans as your needs evolve. Our three well-defined pricing strategies are designed to align seamlessly with your specific business requirements.


The Payments as a Service (PaaS) model is specifically designed for businesses that are just beginning their journey into payment processing or may have a limited budget to set up their own payment gateway. It is also suitable for businesses with straightforward payment processing needs.

With PaaS, a wide range of businesses, such as SaaS providers, ISOs, ISVs, or marketplaces, can effortlessly integrate their platforms with an existing UniPay instance hosted in the cloud.

This streamlined integration enables these businesses to quickly and easily offer payment processing capabilities to their customers without the need for costly infrastructure investments. 

Key advantages of the model
Strategic benefits:
Benefit from our competitive
pricing: 2.9% + $0.25 per transaction


This model was developed for businesses that are serious about monetizing payments as part of their software offering and are interested in processing payments under their own brand or providing payment services for portfolio companies.

The white-label gateway offering enables businesses to provide payment services using their own brand. They can seamlessly integrate with new banks and processors and establish their own rules for underwriting and funding. This is the best option to process payments under your brand with a custom solution while saving on payment processing fees. This model is also suitable for investment companies that want to consolidate payment services for their portfolio companies. 

This model is ideal for:
Advantages of the “White-Label Solution” model:
Start your white label instance
from $15,000/month


UniPay On-Premises offering is a popular choice for companies with large transaction volumes and portfolio companies wanting to consolidate their volumes and reduce operational costs. This model can also help increase your company’s valuation in the eyes of investors through ownership of your own payment solution.

By choosing this payment gateway option, you will be able to implement the entire payment ecosystem in-house within your own environment. You can also create a better workforce to move throughout your company as needed since all subsidiaries share a common payment processing system. 

This model is ideal for:
Advantages of the “On-Premise Gateway“ model:
Get your own Payment Gateway
starting at $150,000


No matter which plan you ultimately decide on, it will be based on the same underlying platform. If you’re just starting out and need a solution to accept payments, “Payments as a Service” could be a great option for your business. As your number of merchants and transactions increases, you may find it beneficial to transition to the “White Label Payment Gateway” model. And when you desire total control over payment processing for your merchants and prefer an all-in-house solution, you can easily switch to the On-Premises model. Your merchants and integrated platforms will not need to recode when transitioning from one model to another.


Don’t Let Budget Hold You Back! Explore Your Options!

We all have ambitions and strive to achieve a lot, but sometimes may face budget limitations. However, simply postponing things into the future is not a viable option. Instead, you need to develop the right approach and capabilities with the assistance of experts before concluding that partnering with a payment system is expensive.

Most businesses commonly encounter two problems when looking for a payment gateway. 


Have a project in the future? Start planning now!

Payment projects are never done quickly. Especially if you want to integrate with a bank or a processor, the initial planning and discussion phase can take 3-6 months. If you plan to start in six months or even later, you should begin planning already. 

Consider contacting us now to develop a plan of action and have enough time to discuss all the important matters with your future vendors and service providers


Unlike traditional payment systems, we go beyond just offering gateway software. We provide our clients with comprehensive payment services and dedicated support throughout their payment processing journey. Our expertise extends to addressing your PCI compliance concerns, guiding you on the best banks and processors to collaborate with, and providing solutions such as EMV terminals, SoftPOS, and various HSM devices that other providers may not offer. Many gateway providers lack the capability to assist you in these areas. Without knowing the right questions to ask gateway providers, you run the risk of investing a significant budget in an ineffective solution.

Alongside our modern, cutting-edge, and time-tested payment solution, we offer an additional compelling feature: expert consulting services. By leveraging this service, you can develop a meticulous and well-defined step-by-step plan to propel your project toward the payment gateway. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to avail discounts on our pricing models. 

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