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Embark on an EMV implementation journey with UniPay Gateway, your expert partner in navigating the complex payment technology landscape. With UniPay Gateway support you can leverage unparalleled experience and comprehensive support, unlock enhanced security, seamless integration, and operational efficiency.

EMV implementation benefits

Implementing an EMV capable terminal solution presents many advantages crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their transactional efficiency and security.

First, this modern payment solution significantly expands sales opportunities by supporting a diverse array of payment methods, including card-present transactions and mobile payments. This adaptability broadens the customer base and aligns with evolving consumer preferences for swift and convenient payment experiences.

EMV implementation
EMV technology

EMV technology is at the forefront of embracing new payment innovations such as contactless payments, mobile wallets, and SoftPOS systems.

SoftPOS enables the transformation of smartphones or tablets into payment terminals, offering your business a cost-effective and flexible solution to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

A pivotal benefit of EMV implementation is the substantial reduction in chargebacks, particularly from specific fraud types. This reduction translates into fewer financial losses and lower administrative burdens for businesses. EMV terminals are equipped with advanced security features like tokenization and dynamic authentication, which safeguard customer data against cloning and counterfeit frauds, thereby enhancing consumer trust. Additionally, the strategic implementation of EMV payment terminal solutions can provide valuable data insights and analytics. This information assists businesses in understanding payment trends and making data-driven decisions, further optimizing their operational effectiveness and customer service quality.

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EMV implementation challenges

Besides advantages, EMV implementation brings several challenges that companies must navigate.

One of the foremost hurdles is the certification process required to ensure that EMV credit card terminals comply with industry standards. This process can be both lengthy and complex, posing a significant barrier, particularly for businesses new to EMV technology.

Moreover, the financial aspect of upgrading to an EMV compliant terminal solution can be daunting. The initial costs for purchasing and installing these terminals are considerable, which may disproportionately affect small businesses with limited budgets. This financial strain can make EMV implementation a challenging investment decision.

Technical integration presents another significant challenge. Seamlessly integrating EMV POS terminal solutions with existing point of sale systems necessitates a deep understanding of both hardware and software aspects, often requiring specialized technical support to ensure compatibility and efficient operation.

Additionally, implementing a SoftPOS solution as part of an EMV terminal project involves ensuring robust security and compliance with PCI and EMV standards on mobile devices. This aspect is particularly challenging given the diverse nature of mobile device ecosystems and the need for stringent security measures to protect sensitive payment information.

How we can help you implement an EMV terminal solution

EMV implementation process

Implementation of EMV technology involves understanding a complex landscape filled with various terminals, vendors, and APIs, a task that can be daunting without prior experience. The learning curve for supporting multiple terminal types from different manufacturers is substantial, and achieving the requisite security standards for a SoftPOS solution introduces further complications, potentially leading to vulnerabilities and compliance issues on mobile devices.

With over 15 years of experience, UniPay Gateway simplifies this intricate process. Our profound knowledge and expertise enable us to seamlessly integrate a wide range of EMV solutions, effectively reducing the technical burden on your team. This not only accelerates the implementation process but also ensures accuracy, saving valuable time and resources. Our team’s adeptness in integrating advanced security protocols guarantees that your SoftPOS solution adheres to the strict PCI and EMV compliance requirements, mitigating potential security risks.

Furthermore, UniPay Gateway’s experience with mobile payment solutions allows for the smooth integration of SoftPOS functionalities, thus enhancing both user experience and operational efficiency. Through the development of custom APIs for SoftPOS applications, we facilitate easy integration with existing systems and ensure compatibility across a variety of devices, enabling businesses to navigate the EMV implementation process with confidence and ease.


The certification process for EMV terminals is notably intricate, demanding not only a profound understanding of the certification steps but also relevant experience, thorough documentation, and specialized tools. These tools alone can represent a significant financial burden for your business.

UniPay Gateway, with its extensive familiarity with both EMV and PCI certification processes, stands out as a competent ally in this demanding journey. Our team is well-equipped with the necessary experience, comprehensive documentation, and the essential EMV terminal toolkit required to navigate the certification landscape efficiently.

Having successfully managed numerous certifications, UniPay Gateway has refined a process that not only accelerates the path to compliance but also reduces the time and cost associated with it. Our proficiency ensures that the certification experience is streamlined, minimizing the likelihood of errors and compliance issues. With UniPay Gateway, your business can look forward to a smoother and more efficient EMV terminal solution certification, effectively overcoming one of the key hurdles in modern payment system implementation.

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Key injection and remote key loading

The process of key loading and injection is a critical aspect of EMV terminal solution implementation, especially for PIN processing. This highly sensitive process is governed by security requirements and audits designed to prevent fraud. Navigating these requirements without expertise can be challenging and poses a significant risk to the security and compliance of your payment system.

UniPay Gateway provides valuable assistance in this area with years of experience in key injection and remote key loading. Our expertise in working with Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and a deep understanding of the security and audit processes ensure that we can manage these tasks efficiently and securely. By leveraging our experience, your business can sidestep the potential pitfalls associated with these processes, saving both time and money. UniPay Gateway’s proficiency meets and exceeds the necessary security standards, providing a secure and compliant foundation for your EMV terminal solution.

To summarize

Partnering with UniPay Gateway for your EMV terminal solution implementation, you gain access to seasoned expertise, streamlined certification, and security, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. Elevate your payment processing capabilities today. Contact us, request a demo, or watch a short video guide for a closer look at how we can transform your payment infrastructure.

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