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EMV Implementation


If you need a smart way to move forward with EMV implementation, contact us. We’re experts in terminal solution implementation, EMV and contactless certification and more. We can help you put in place a terminal solution that’s right for your company based the UniPay gateway’s UniRead module. We can assist with creating a fulfillment process that works for you and make sure all integrations and certifications are in place.

If you’re having trouble finding a full-featured payment processing solution that’s EMV compliant, you need to learn more about the UniPay gateway. Our open source commercial product is a big step up from many competing products and is less expensive and quicker than trying to build something from scratch.

EMV Implementation Involves More Than Hardware

Choosing the right EMV-compliant payment solution involves many variable, including:

  • Which terminal hardware makes the most sense? And what functions are needed?
  • Do you also need mobile solutions?
  • What kinds of payments do you need to handle?
  • Do you need a standalone or integrated payment terminal solution?
  • What kind of user interface is needed?
  • What kind of software apps do you need to be able to load?
  • Could you need support for other terminal types in the future?

The right EMV implementation involves careful consideration of the software as well as the hardware. In fact, selection of the hardware may be the last step in choosing the right EMV-compliant payment solution. You need software that’s compatible with the hardware models you’re considering, supports all necessary integrations and more.

The People And The Product You Need

To move forward with EMV implementation, you need the right product to support the hardware you’re considering. And you may need the advice and assistance of payment industry experts too. At United Thinkers, we’ve created the UniPay payment gateway to be feature-rich and flexible. Since it’s open source commercial software, you can change and adapt it as necessary for your needs – or you can let us customize it for you.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help with EMV implementation at your company. We look forward to working with you toward a complete payment processing solution. Because we have the people to back up our product, we’re uniquely qualified to help your business achieve unparalleled success.

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EMV Implementation
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EMV Implementation
Learn how UniPay can go with you through the EMV implementation process and help you avoid putting your business, customers and brand at risk.
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