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What is Recurring Billing Software, and For What Businesses is it Best Suited?


Is your business relates to the subscription-based or SaaS models? If so, you should seriously consider implementing recurring billing software. This approach will definitely improve your business’s billing efficiency and the security of your payment gateway technology. You probably have questions along the lines of, “What other types of businesses can benefit from automated recurring billing?” In actuality, this model can be used by any business offering its services on a recurring basis.

Recurring Billing Definition

Recurring billing software is a payment gateway option. It allows companies to charge their customers based on a specified schedule (weekly, monthly, annually, or custom intervals) for the products or services they purchase. So, utilizing recurring billing within your system can eliminate the time-consuming hassle. For example, you won’t need to manually re-enter the card information of every customer for every transaction. Setting up a payment gateway with automated recurring billing will help increase your cash flow, lower transaction fees, and reduce the number of declined payments. Therefore, every recurring revenue business should consider the implementation of a payment gateway with a recurring billing option. So, if you’re looking to learn more about this payment model, our newest video guide can be especially helpful for you.

Check out our video and learn in great detail: What a recurring billing software is? Why is this option beneficial for both businesses and the customers they serve?

If you require any manner of assistance in payment processing, feel free to contact us and explore how our UniPay Technology can help you with taking the tedious work out of recurring payments for you and your customers.

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