October 12, 2020
Written by
James Davis
Written by James Davis
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Kathrine Pensatori
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Powerful and Robust Payment Platform

Choosing a payment gateway to accept credit card transactions is not a problem for just startups and middle-sized businesses. Investment companies often also arrive at the idea of unifying all of the companies within their portfolio with one powerful and robust payment platform. From this point, the lengthy search for a unified payment gateway begins. As a result, very few investment companies manage to integrate the solutions they need. More often, however, many never find an optimal way forward due to various reasons.

The most common pitfall occurs when all necessary processes are followed but in the wrong order. For example, if a company initially only focuses on finding a payment gateway with specific functions, is looking for a solution that would be easy to integrate with SaaS companies in their portfolio, or is looking for an acquiring bank that is easy to work with.

These scenarios usually become the most critical obstacles to choosing a reliable payment gateway and the further development of the investment company.

After all, if companies do not configure payment processing properly, there will always be a risk of becoming uncompetitive in their industries while losing money, customers, and business.
If you want to know how investment companies and venture capital groups can consolidate payment processing for all companies in a portfolio, SaaS, in particular, and at the same time save millions of dollars, this video may prove extremely helpful.

From our video, you will learn how it’s possible to unify SaaS companies within your portfolio with a single, fully-fledged payment solution, regardless of each one’s specific needs. You will discover the step-by-step plan to payment processing consolidation within your portfolio so that payments no longer have to be challenging to implement for your business.

Check out our video and see how a robust payment gateway should be able to overcome challenges and move your business forward to success!

UniPay Gateway Technology

If you are curious and want to learn more about payment processing for SaaS, portfolio companies, or want to know what payment gateway option can be the most profitable for you (White Label, Hosted, or On-Premises), request a demo of UniPay Gateway Technology today.

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