October 1, 2020
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Written by James Davis
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Why An Open-Source Payment Gateway is the Best Solution For Your Business

Most people think open source payment gateway technology is completely free of charge. However, this is often not the case. Hidden fees, compliance obligations, and deployment dependencies often create a myriad of challenges for businesses.

We offer open source solutions for startups and enterprise businesses to start accepting online payments quickly regardless of their budgets.

Is There A Free Open Source Payment Gateway?

Regarding open source payment processing, there aren’t any open source payment platforms available that are truly free of charge.Even if you “stumble upon” a free open source payment gateway, it will have to maintain a PCI-compliant environment (annual PCI audits cost around $20–25K).

In addition, you will have to deploy the product within a cluster and maintain at least 4–5 nodes (for your database, etc.). Plus, you’ll have to build a new acquiring bank relationship.

Consequently, you will need to go through an acquirer integration. After that, you’ll have to devise a mechanism for merchant onboarding, provisioning, and payment reconciliations. To further complicate the process, if you require new credit card terminal solutions, this will entail advanced integrations and EMV certifications.

Why our open source payment gateway is a great option for your business

To begin with, it’s necessary to understand that open-source payment platforms are customized and modular solutions. They allow you to make changes to the source code.

Typically, an open source payment gateway comes with basic functions. This helps developers customize payment gateways and add modules. Additionally, they can expand basic functionality for online businesses and design exactly what is needed to accept online payments.

Having access to the open source payment API code allows development teams to add other features to the payment software with ease. Adding additional payment methods, integrations and migrations, allow for more efficient business expansion.

open source payment gateway
How the UniPay Open Source Payment Platform Works

UniPay Gateway is a white label open source payment gateway solution. It offers many advanced features that are important for modern businesses. It includes the support of 3D Secure, EMV, P2PE, ACH transactions, and the use of different types of payment cards.

UniPay also allows international payment processing through global API integrations.

The white label software package includes integration logic and different PayFac features. Many integrations have already implemented recurring billing-related features, as well as chargeback management logic. With access to the UniPay open-source code you get reliable EMV terminal solutions together with an omnichannel mobile payment solution. You can also license the respective software, and access the code which is customized according to your business needs.

UniPay’s users include Fortune 500 companies and innovative PaaS platforms such as Zift.io. The main advantage of our platform is that UniPay was created solely for large enterprises. Our product offerings that can be customized for those who want to invest a relatively small monthly fee.

You can initially start with a hosted solution with an option to expand to your own server. Later you can license the source code and install the product in your data center. This is an option offered by United Thinkers. This helps startup businesses get started with payment processing and grow as they gain traction in the market.

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