October 7, 2020
Written by
James Davis
Written by James Davis
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How to Own a Payment Gateway

It’s cool that we live in a world where emerging businesses don’t have to struggle to move cash. Accepting payments online and owning a payment gateway is a part of an overall business strategy. This is an excellent start to improving your customers’ experience, adding value to your business, and protecting your business from fraud.

Foremost is the fact that most businesses clearly understand their payment processing needs. They should know where to go in search of such solutions for hosted payment gateways, white-label systems, or licensed technologies.

Even small merchants begin their journey into payments by gathering more information. How to build their own payment solution?  Is it possible to create their own payment system without upfront costs? How to make their own payment platform fast and secure? And what solution suits them best: white-label or their own payment gateway?

Understanding the basics of payments

Of course, there is a wealth of answers and tips for choosing a payment system. There is a lot of information on building the payment gateway from scratch or selecting payment service providers on the Internet. Each resource ensures business owners are well-informed about this matter.  Any advice is professionally geared toward helping you make the right choice. But theory is always simpler than the actual fulfillment process.

Want to see the complete process from the selection of a payment solution, up to its implementation? Do you know what questions merchants usually ask for payment gateway providers? How merchants typically think the gateways work? Check out our most popular video, which has been a great success. We’ve put together an interesting and entertaining story on how to start accepting payments online.

With this video, any merchant can go from choosing a payment gateway to implementing a solution from start to finish, alongside our heroes. While watching, you can participate in the gateway selection process, learn about the main stages of launching a payment solution. Moreover, you can find out about the key steps that everyone forgets when they start looking for their own payment gateway.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the payment industry, we already know in advance all the questions merchants have along the way to owning a payment gateway. That is why, over the years, we have been creating multiple platforms for any business. Any business idea doesn’t stand idle due to processing problems, lack of functionality, or difficulties with integrations and customization. That’s why we design our solutions to be simple, reliable, and secure to use.

Everything should be clear and straightforward, like in our “How to Own a Payment Gateway” video starring Tommy and Leo, which we highly recommend that you watch.

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