Why it is So Important to Know How a Hosted Payment Page Works


A hosted payment page is a page located outside of the merchant’s website, where customers are redirected to make a transaction while paying for goods or services.

We are convinced that every merchant should be fully aware of how a hosted payment page work. Even if they prefer to outsource most of the technical payment processes to professionals. Before entrusting all security standards and PCI liability for transaction processing on their website to a payment gateway provider, merchants must gain at least a basic understanding of payment pages.

Do you really know:

• What happens when customers enter their payment credentials and initiate payments on a payment page?
• How to implement a hosted PCI-compliant payment page that would enable merchants to pass transaction data securely to the payment gateway server and receive credit card acceptance information?

Based on our 15 years of experience in the Payment Industry and Payment Pages services, we have created an explanative video guide, where you can take a closer look at what a payment page is, how it operates and works for your business and your customers, and explore the different options available.
We’re confident our video will help you better understand how a payment page communicates with all parties involved in the payment process so that you can focus on your business strategy and the ways to drive it forward.

You’re also invited to check out other videos from our informative series about payments and payment gateway features. Don’t forget to subscribe to our UniPay YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with developments in the payments industry.

Why it is So Important to Know How a Hosted Payment Page Works обновлено: December 17, 2020 автором: Michelle Martin
Why it is So Important to Know How a Hosted Payment Page Works
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Why it is So Important to Know How a Hosted Payment Page Works
If you have already decided to use a payment page allowing your customers to pay for goods or services, our new video will help you understand how a hosted payment page works.
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