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How Merchant Onboarding Works and How to Improve It


It’s not big news that developing businesses seek to have as many new, high-quality merchants. But how to make merchants sign up for payment processing services? To do so, businesses need a best-in-class payment gateway operating seamlessly and allowing to add new merchants constantly to the payment system. Providing payment gateway services with a merchant onboarding option is the key to success for any payment industry player.  Among these players usually are payment aggregators, resellers (such as ISO), payment facilitators, and payment service providers.

The concept of adding new merchants to the payment platform is called the Merchant Onboarding process. A good understanding of how the merchant onboarding process works is crucial. This helps any developing business to ensure the best possible payment experience for each merchant.
Before choosing a payment gateway provider, it’s important to understand how each piece in the overall merchants’ onboarding process fits. Keep in mind, beginning with the boarding procedure, all the way until the applicant is connected to the electronic payment processing system.

So that you can better understand how merchants’ onboarding works we created a short video guide based on our expertise in this field.

We hope you’ll find watching this video helpful and informative. Stay tuned for future videos on Payments, and be sure to subscribe to the UniPay YouTube channel.

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Merchant Onboarding
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Merchant Onboarding
If you are interested in adding more merchants and growing your transaction volumes, you should know what the merchant onboarding process is and how to successfully onboard new merchants so that you can request this core feature from your payment partner.
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