November 27, 2020
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Written by James Davis
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How Merchant Onboarding Works and How to Improve It

It’s no secret that developing businesses seek to have as many new, high-quality merchants. But how to make merchants sign up for payment processing services? To do so, businesses need a best-in-class payment gateway operating seamlessly and allowing to add new merchants constantly to the payment system. Providing payment gateway services with a digital merchant onboarding option is the key to success for any payment industry player. Among these players usually are payment aggregators, resellers (such as ISO), payment facilitators, and payment service providers.

Merchant Onboarding process

The concept of adding new merchants to the payment platform is called the Merchant Onboarding process. A good understanding of how the merchant onboarding process works is crucial. This helps any developing business to ensure the best possible payment experience for each merchant.

Before choosing a payment gateway provider, it’s important to understand how each piece in the overall merchants’ onboarding process fits. Keep in mind, beginning with the boarding procedure, all the way until the applicant is connected to the electronic payment processing system.

Automated Merchant Onboarding might be a game-changer for SaaS and businesses worldwide seeking seamless integration with payment gateway solutions. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to onboard merchants quickly and efficiently is one of the keys to success in the payment integration arena. Imagine a world where the merchant onboarding process is not only effortless but also scalable, secure, and compliant with regulations.

A sneak peek at the guide

To help you better understand how merchants onboarding works we have created a short video guide based on our expertise in this field. What can you expect from this video guide? It provides valuable insights, best practices, technology recommendations, and actionable steps for onboarding merchants and achieving efficient merchant risk management.


merchant onboarding
Merchant Onboarding

Join us on this journey as we unlock the potential of Automated Merchant Onboarding, shaping a future where your business can thrive in the ever-evolving payments landscape.

Efficiency Through Automation and Global Reach

Automation is reshaping the process of onboarding new merchants. Cutting-edge tools and systems can significantly reduce manual efforts, eliminate errors, and expedite the time it takes to get merchants onboarding.

The reach of automated merchant onboarding solutions extends across borders, empowering businesses worldwide to expand their horizons and accept payments from customers on a global scale.

Payment Gateway Project

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Adhering to industry regulations and safeguarding sensitive data is a requirement of critical importance. Automated merchant onboarding solutions ensure smooth merchant verification and meet compliance requirements from day one, mitigating merchant risk management and liabilities.

Customization and Integration

The ability to tailor the merchant onboarding process to your unique needs and seamlessly integrating with payment gateways is another key factor of your success as an integrator. Our video guide briefly walks you through the steps to achieve a customized, user-friendly experience for onboarding merchants.

Streamlined User Experience and Cost Savings

Well-designed automated merchant onboarding solution not only benefits your company but also enhances the customer experience for your prospective sub-merchants. A hassle-free application process is just the beginning.

Automated merchant onboarding solutions can lead to substantial savings for your organization by reducing manual labor and minimizing errors. This also enhances merchant acquiring risk management. So, bid your farewell to unnecessary costs.


As your business grows, your merchant onboarding process should effortlessly scale alongside it. Learn how automated solutions can handle increasing merchants onboarding volumes without a corresponding increase in administrative overhead. We should remind that UniPay Gateway solution is an open-source code product that can be customized to meet the evolving needs of your sub-merchants.

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