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Online Payment System Software and Global Payment Processor - UniPay Gateway

UniPay Gateway is the leading Omnichannel payment processing and management solution for PayFacs, Saas and equity firms operating worldwide. With UniPay Platform you have the options of an affordable white label payment gateway solution, a full on-premise software license (including the source code), which ensures the top-quality payment processing experience for businesses of any size. Looking for the best SaaS payment gateway solution to implement within your business model? UniPay Gateway might be the right choice.

How Do We Help?

Acquiring Bank Partner

We assist in choosing the right Acquiring Partner based on your geography and processing needs

Payment Integration

We review specifications and APIs needed for merchant onboarding and transaction processing services


We guide you in selecting the most suitable offering and hosting option for your requirements

PCI Compliance​

We help with drafting essential legal agreements and ensuring compliance with PCI standards


We handle necessary integrations, efficiently migrate data, and comprehensively train your staff


We celebrate your acquisition of the perfect payment solution and ensure seamless payment processing

We assist businesses with:

white-label payment gateways
Merchant Underwriting and Onboarding

Vertical SaaS
Advanced Recurring Billing

Payment Management
Full-Cycle Chargeback Management

Tokenization Solution
Omni-Channel Payment Processing

Payment Management
Flexible Merchants Remittance

Vertical SaaS Platform
Reporting and Reconciliation

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