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Online Payment System Software and Global Payment Processor - UniPay Gateway

UniPay Gateway is the leading Omnichannel payment processing and management solution for PayFacs, Saas and equity firms operating worldwide. With UniPay Platform you have the options of an affordable white label payment gateway solution, a full on-premise software license (including the source code), which ensures the top-quality payment processing experience for businesses of any size. Looking for the best SaaS payment gateway solution to implement within your business model? UniPay Gateway might be the right choice.

How do we help you get your
custom payment solution?

1. Acquiring Bank Partner

1. Acquiring Bank Partner

We assist you in choosing the right Acquiring Partner based on your geography and processing needs

2. Payment Integration

2. Payment Integration

We review specifications and APIs of any services you will need to onboard merchants and run transactions 

3. Deployment

3. Deployment

We help you decide which our offering and which hosting option would be most appropriate for you

4. PCI Compliance

4. PCI Compliance​

We assist you with drafting of necessary legal agreements and help with PCI compliance 

5. Implementation

5. Implementation​

We implement any needed integrations, migrate data, and train your staff

6. Celebration

6. Celebration​

We share the joy of you having your ideal payment solution

We assist businesses with:

Merchant Underwriting and Onboarding

Merchant Underwriting and Onboarding

Omni-Channel Payment Processing

Omni-Channel Payment Processing

Advanced Recurring Billing

Advanced Recurring Billing

Flexible Merchants Remittance

Flexible Merchants Remittance

Full-Cycle Chargeback Management

Full-Cycle Chargeback Management

Reporting and Reconciliation

Reporting and Reconciliation

Best SaaS Payment Gateway: What you Need to Know to Choose One

1. How can you create your own payment gateway?

In order to create your own payment gateway, you might choose one of several strategies. You can create your own payment gateway from scratch or partner with a white label payment gateway provider. White label payment gateway cost is lower than the cost of custom payment solutions. A gateway built from scratch involves higher costs, but provides unlimited control over the process. 

A good strategy might be to license a white label online payment gateway and then, as your processing volumes grow and your needs become more sophisticated, take it in-house as an open source payment processing software code. UniPay Gateway product, for instance, is available in both in hosted (cloud) and licensable open-source code versions. So, keep in mind: the best SaaS payment gateway is not always the one developed from scratch.

2. What is the best open source payment gateway software product on the market?

Alas, there is no universal answer that fits all companies. A good open source payment gateway product is a flexible one. Present-day direction of payment system software development is largely determined by flexibility and customizability. Best SaaS payment gateway offerings follow this trend. 

All electronic payment industry players and their respective customers have their specific needs. Moreover, these needs constantly evolve. So, it makes sense to partner with a white label payment gateway provider that can accommodate these needs and adjust to their evolution. If such a provider makes its payment processing software open source, this step opens new horizons for its customers. 

A global payment processor is often reluctant to allow its clients to introduce changes into its third-party or white label payment offering. At the same time, flexible smaller companies offer open source payment gateway API. This API is capable of accommodating all the newly emerging needs of their clients. So, when searching for the best open source payment gateway, most companies choose flexible and easily customizable products. United Thinkers’ flagship product, UniPay Gateway, with its unified API is a vivid example.

3. Which option is better: create your own payment gateway from scratch or partner with a white label payment gateway provider?

Each of the two options has its pros and cons, related to several aspects. These aspects include costs, control, flexibility, and responsibility. A custom gateway built from scratch is more expensive and involves greater responsibility than a white label solution. At the same time, it provides unlimited control over the process and has unlimited potential for customization. An in-between option is a white label payment gateway product with licensable open source code. UniPay Gateway is an example of such a product, uniting the benefits of both options. Like we said, the best SaaS payment gateway for your company is not always the one you develop from scratch.

4. What are the benefits of white label payment solutions?

The key benefit of white label payment solutions is that their users can provide payment services under its own brands. Instead of building a full-fledged modern payment solution from scratch, incurring huge upfront costs, and assuming all the liability, they can choose the optimal degree of control and responsibility suiting their specific business case. Depending on these factors, a company can choose an optimal flavor of a white label payment solution. 

The best SaaS payment gateway might be a solution that can evolve together with the company’s needs. For example, UniPay Gateway is a white label payment gateway solution, available in both hosted and licensable open source code versions. Depending on your processing volumes and needs you can opt for one of these versions. Moreover, if necessary, you can always move from one version to another.

5. How can I benefit from PayFac model implementation?

PayFac or payment facilitator model allows you to add a new revenue stream to the profit you get from selling your core product. A PayFac is one of the types of a payment service provider (PSP). PSPs, including PayFacs, are entities, to which acquiring banks and payment network providers delegate merchant lifecycle management functions in exchange for merchant services fees. PayFac model is, in essence, one of the ways of monetizing payments. However, the process of becoming a full-fledged PayFac is rather labor-intensive. So, nowadays, a somewhat more popular option is implementation of embedded payments. Nowadays, many top SaaS payment companies are considering this option. Embedded payments allow a SaaS (or other) company to enjoy most of the benefits of becoming a PayFac without actually becoming one. It gets the opportunity to improve payment experience for your merchants and their customers, and to get its rightful residual revenue share. UniPay Gateway offers both a payment facilitator program and sophisticated embedded payment functionality. The best SaaS payment gateway for your company does not necessarily have to be a PayFac gateway. Other payment monetization tactics might work better. Take a look at our recent video to find the best embedded payment monetization strategy for your business.

6. Do omnichannel payment solutions include crypto payment processing?

Modern omnichannel digital payment solutions should, indeed, include crypto payment functionality. However, not all of them include it as yet. Many large payment services providers try to bolt crypto payment solutions on top of their existing omnichannel offerings. However, from merchants’ viewpoint, the best option would be to use crypto-friendly omni-channel payment processing solutions. That is why United Thinkers team is working on improvement of crypto payment functionality within its omnichannel UniPay Gateway product.

True, the share of crypto payments in the total volume is rapidly increasing. However, in the nearest time merchants will still mostly rely on conventional payment methods. So, in our view, the most viable crypto payment solutions are the ones, available within omnichannel offerings. The best SaaS payment gateway should be a crypto-friendly omnichannel solution rather than a crypto-only one.

7. Does a payment gateway include an EMV payment terminal solution?

Many (but not all) present-day payment gateways do include payment terminal solutions. The best SaaS payment gateway for your company is the one that supports a terminal solution of some sort. We should stress, that a payment terminal solution is not just the hardware. Such a solution includes other important aspects, such as payment terminal fulfillment mechanisms and payment terminal software, including TMS. 

While choosing your EMV payment terminal solution, keep in mind that SoftPOS technology is rapidly gaining popularity. Besides that, Android-powered terminals are easier to operate, if your main application is an Android-based one. UniPay Gateway solution, for example, supports several payment terminal solutions by Ingenico and Sunmi. So, we might call it an EMV payment gateway. Moreover, it offers a so-called payment terminal cloud technology, allowing terminals to communicate directly with the server, and reducing the merchant’s PCI exposure. Finally, it supports SoftPOS functionality and remote key injection mechanism. If you need to make further adjustments, you are free to license an open source code version.

8. Which features of a recurring billing solution are the most important ones?

A good recurring billing solution is able to manage customer subscriptions and payment plans in the best way. Important functions in this context include freezing, deferment, and various adjustments of payment plans. Advanced recurring billing functions include more flexible account balancing mechanisms as well as support of multiple payment plans and diverse payment options. The best SaaS payment gateway solution for your business should support all these functions. UniPay Gateway solution includes a special module called UniBill, specifically targeted at recurring payment management. Recurring billing is an integral part of the entire solution, giving you access to all payment forms. So, you are free to use all of the supported forms of payment with your recurring subscriptions.

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