August 4, 2020 [molongui_author_box]

UniPay Integration Experience with Sunmi POS Terminals

The decline in cash payments across the globe has driven the rising demand for point-of-sale (POS) Terminals. In particular, we are witnessing high demand for wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones capable of functioning as electronic POS terminals or cash registers.

A great number of payment platforms and payment facilitators are looking for multifunctional ePOSs that would be a seamless match for their payment processing software while providing the best customer payment processing experience at any location. The leading manufacturers in the payment processing terminals market are Verifone, Ingenico, and PAX. However, new manufacturers coming into the market can compete with these well-known vendors through the implementation of innovative technology.

Manufactured in China, an emerging newcomer is Sunmi. We, at United Thinkers, would be glad to share our experience in using their payment-enabled innovative solutions (Sunmi P2 Lite and P2 Pro), which far exceeded our expectations over this past year. The Sunmi platform provided us with omnichannel payment capabilities, including contactless payments, chip & PIN, NFC, and QR code. Additionally, the model P2 Pro allows merchants to print receipts. Further, both devices can operate on 4G, 3G, Bluetooth, and WiFi networks.

More about our beneficial experience with Sunmi POS terminals:

  1. Smart mobile payment device, running on Android, and offering us ample opportunities in terms of open source and third-party libraries.
  2. Programming Languages Choice – Java and Kotlin.
  3. Demo version application providing source code.
  4. Well-thought-out and flexible architecture.
  5. High-level tech support service.
  6. Own closed market, with the ability to filter by serial number.
  7. Remote control application (Remote Assistant).

Of course, some aspects need to be added or improved in the process. This mostly concerns documentation and encryption algorithms, but Sunmi is a relatively new and developing brand. We recognize the difficulties to take into account all at once, especially while creating innovative technologies. Nonetheless, all issues are quickly resolved on their side and are compensated for with their smart solutions and a source code sample.

Designed with the latest innovations on the market in mind, the Sunmi models we are currently utilizing are a perfect match with our payment terminal solution module, UniRead, and enable us to provide businesses with a truly flexible payment terminal solution.

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