UniRead Module

he UniRead payment terminal solution module of the robust and feature-rich UniPay payment gateway is a modern alternative to old-fashioned master-and-slave terminal setups. With our terminal software solution, the terminal works as part of the larger terminal cloud and takes its control instructions over high-level remote client API protocols. Processing logic for all financial as well as non-financial operations is inside the payment terminal. This reduces the scope of PCI exposure because there is a direct connection to the processing gateway with no go-between.

The innovative UniRead payment terminal solution means no local footprint. Flow is simplified too, since cardholder data is transmitted over the terminal’s Ethernet connection, meaning that the POS and workstation are out of the PCI-compliance scope. Point-to-point encryption is also included, leaving you as the merchant and your software out of the PCI scope altogether.

Additionally, the solution is available in any environment that is able to interact with terminal rest-API, providing complete cross-platform accessibility (including for mobile devices with no need for native applications). Modern wireless payment terminal choices are also supported.

The UniRead module is designed to provide the most robust card-present terminal solution for POS terminal systems available today, and support for wireless POS terminal choices means we’re prepared for the latest innovations. Included are full card entry and signature capture capabilities as well as support for non-payment related functions. 

Among supported features are:

Our terminal solution gives you access to the devices of the most popular terminal vendors through our unified payment terminal integration API. Among supported devices are Ingenico Telium 2 devices (iCT xxx, iPP xxx, iSC xxx, iWL xxx) and VeriFone MX 9xx series. Our EMV solution has gone through EMV certifications with various acquirers in North America and Europe.

At United Thinkers, we’re committed to making the entire UniPay payment gateway the most feature-rich and robust solution in the industry. As part of that effort, we’ve designed a modern terminal solution for your payment terminals that’s far superior to old-fashioned terminals and their dependence on a master computer.

While this older way of handling terminal payment activities has wide industry acceptance and terminals are widely and easily available, there are problems. These include the PCI and encryption issues as well as the costs associated with licensing of terminal software and the dependence on a single operating system.

Those problems can be off your plate, however, when you choose the UniRead terminal solution of UniPay from United Thinkers, a smart terminal application for intelligent businesses.

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