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Flavors of White-label Payment Gateway


The concept of white-label payment gateway is rapidly gaining popularity among merchant services industry players, looking for the most suitable payment gateway solutions. Some businesses are searching for payment gateway solution they could use to connect them to processing partners, while others are deciding on the best option to replace their already existing legacy payment systems. A white-label solution is a good option in both these situations.

We should note that white-label payment processing, in its turn, has different flavors to choose from. An ordinary white-label payment gateway solution allows an ISO to provide gateway services to its merchants under its own brand, but doesn’t offer any opportunities for serious customization or modification of the payment gateway software product. A dedicated payment gateway instance is more customizable, and it allows you to avoid collocation-related drawbacks. However, it might require separate PCI certification. A virtual payment gateway solution allows you to use the capacity of a whole cluster of dedicated nodes to service your clients and does not require PCI certification. However, its customization opportunities are still limited. If you need a fully customizable solution, a licensed payment gateway offering might be the best option for you, because beside customizable interface and basic features, you are actually getting a “truly” white-label software product, i.e. you are licensing the code.

The best option for a company in search of a white-label payment gateway solution is to partner with an entity, offering all four listed flavors.

More detailed information on the flavors of white-label payment gateways is available on Paylosophy.

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Flavors of White-label Payment Gateway
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Flavors of White-label Payment Gateway
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