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Game-Changing Hosted White Label Payment Gateway Now Available


UniPay’s robust and innovative payment gateway solution is available to more companies than ever before with the launch of the new hosted white label payment gateway solution. Hassles and upfront costs are reduced because we provide the servers and the PCI-compliant environment.

For enterprise-level merchants, domestic and international payment service providers, payment facilitators and software developers that want to own a payment gateway with fewer hassles and lower costs, this new solution provides a sensible alternative to a self-hosted payment gateway.

A Simple Solution With Smart Benefits

Many old payment processing solutions are failing in the face of recent industry changes. For new companies, creating a gateway from scratch is a daunting process because of the many relationships that must be established as well as regulatory obstacles, up-front costs and other challenges. While licensing open source commercial software like the UniPay gateway has proven a smart solution for some companies, even that comes with costs and challenges that may be prohibitive.

Now, a hosted license for the well-regarded UniPay gateway is available within a certified PCI-compliant environment. This white label payment gateway provides a way for your company to move forward without worries about secure hosting and compliance auditing, often the two biggest deterrents for companies that want to own a payment gateway. All the benefits of modern payment processing are available quicker, with fewer up-front costs and with fewer hassles than ever before.

A Payment Gateway Worth Having

The UniPay payment gateway is among the most robust and sophisticated payment systems on the market today. It has been designed with modern payment challenges in mind and is being constantly updated, improved and expanded as the industry changes. No payment system is better equipped to handle omnichannel payment processing, EMV chip-in-card technology and other modern complexities than the UniPay gateway.

UniPay also supports important processes like ewallets, recurring billing, automated chargeback management and more. Merchant onboarding and terminal management are as easy as possible for companies that choose this robust payment gateway solution. And all features are available with the hassle-free hosted white-label product.

Hosted Solution Saves Time, Money And Hassles

The hosted white label option makes owning a gateway easier, less expensive and more straightforward than ever before. There’s no license to buy upfront, no PCI-compliant environment to establish and maintain and no long wait while all the pieces fall into place. The license fee is including in monthly hosting charges. Dedicated servers are put in place for companies that want a licensed gateway solution with no hardware or regulatory hassles.

With this white label payment processing solution, entry barriers are eliminated.

What should you expect from a modern gateway? Choices. To find out more or request a demo of the hosted UniPay gateway solution, contact us now to learn how we can be part of your company’s successful future.

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