What Services Should You Look For In A Payment Gateway API?


When choosing a payment gateway API for credit card processing and online payment services, it makes sense to choose payment software that perfectly matches your business needs. There may be no perfect payment gateway API, however there’s surely a company that lines up with your needs better than other choices. Take a look at the API developed by the payment processor you’re considering and see what’s available that will work for you.

Ideally, you’ll find a robust, clean and flexible API collection that meets every merchant and developer need you can imagine, no matter your line of business or the scenarios you may face in the future.

Some of the characteristics you may want from a payment gateway include easy integration, quick funding, excellent service and support, a mobile-first strategy that’s ready for the future, fraud tools, easy checkout for online sales, extensive international options and specific API or products related to your industry.

Here’s a look six characteristics you should look for in the payment gateway API you trust with your credit card processing and online payment services:

  1. Flexibility. Your payment gateway API needs to fit the needs of your business, your industry and whatever the future may throw at you. Look for a robust API at the heart of your payment gateway.
  2. A great interface. You need an interface that your employees find professional and easy to use, but even more than that, you need a great interface for your online customers. When customers enter the checkout process, you need seamless integration that convinces them you deserve their trust and their business.
  3. Easy integration. A hassle-free experience keeps your technical team happy and helps ensure that your credit card processing goes smoothly. Most integrations should be possible with hardly any coding of your own.
  4. No unnecessary fees. You want a payment gateway API that allows you to integrate in a way that leads to the lowest possible fees from your payment processor. You don’t want a gateway that adds hidden fees or extra charges that aren’t necessary.
  5. Security. Check with the payment gateway you’re considering about data encryption, VeriSign SSL certificates, CVV2 verification and additional encryption algorithms. Your payment gateway should make complete PCI DSS compliance as easy as possible.
  6. Customer service. No matter the size of your company nor how you integrate with your payment gateway API, you deserve excellent support. A great provider of credit card processing and online payment services will provide nothing less than the best service.

If you’re ready for a payment gateway API that can meet your needs, exceed your expectations and get you ready to face the future, it’s time for you to meet the UniPay platform and the United Thinkers team. We’re available with options to fit businesses of every size. Why not contact us now?

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