March 21, 2017 [molongui_author_box]

Traditional vs. Mobile Credit Card Processing: What to Choose?

Once a business decides that it needs to accept credit cards, it must determine how to make that happen. Choosing the right credit card processing system for business transactions is essential for success.

Location is the most crucial factor in deciding whether you should choose mobile credit card processing or a traditional setup with a point of sale terminal. You want to be able to conduct business as smoothly as possible in all the locations where you may find yourself now and in the future.

While a virtual terminal for mobile use may sound like a good idea, there’s no need for it if you plan to do all your business at a single location and perhaps even a single sales counter. The traditional credit card processing system combines a receipt printer and a cash drawer for the easiest possible transactions.

Often, you can get the most features with a traditional point of sale terminal. This includes support for Apple Pay and NFC payment methods.

When some or all of your business happens on the road, a virtual terminal makes sense. Your customers may be happy that you’ll take credit cards when other vendors or sellers are only accepting cash. But advanced features aren’t always available with all mobile credit card processing choices.

Advantages  of mobile credit card processing

Another factor to consider in choosing your credit card setup is cost. A traditional credit card processing system from a traditional credit card merchant services company can require a significant investment or a high monthly lease bill. Most mobile credit card processing systems are much less expensive and may involve only a card reader that you have on your tablet or smartphone. You can add your own cash register, printer, and stand if you like.

When you take into consideration where you’ll do your business, who you’ll serve you and what it will all cost, you can make a smart choice about whether to choose a traditional setup for your business transactions or a modern mobile credit card processing setup.

The UniPay payment platform is available in a variety of formats to merchants and the companies that serve them. For more information, contact us and let us tell you more about how we think at United Thinkers. We look forward to working with you.

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