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United Thinkers has Launched a Merchant Onboarding Gateway

United Thinkers released a new merchant onboarding gateway product for payment facilitators.

New York, NY (February 12, 2018) – United Thinkers, a New-York based commercial open-source Payment Management Software provider, launches a new merchant onboarding gateway, primarily targeted at payment facilitation market.

The concept of a traditional payment gateway is widely accepted in the industry. However, with the expansion of payment facilitation market the need for onboarding gateway emerges. Due to recent development of payment facilitator programs, almost all major acquirers in the US offer their own formats and mechanisms for merchant onboarding. This phenomenon creates certain onboarding problems for PayFacs that need to work with more than one acquiring partner (similar to problems experienced previously by companies that needed to integrate with several processors), for various reasons.

As most merchant onboarding logic is relatively new, it is less standardized than existing solutions related to other aspects, such as processing. As a result of that, it is challenging to implement support for multiple onboarding back ends from a single front-end system.

United Thinkers, a company that implemented multiple onboarding integrations for its clients, has come up with a unified onboarding mechanism architecture. United Thinkers created one of the first onboarding gateways, allowing facilitators not only to submit merchant application data in a unified format through a common API and transmit it to the acquirer to provision a MID, but also fully configure the new merchant record once approval is received from the acquirer. Beside that, for the cases when an acquirer declines some merchant application (refuses to underwrite the applicant) the new functionality provides an opportunity to send merchant application to an alternative acquiring partner.

“In today’s market we are witnessing the emergence of new payment facilitators, whose clients do not fall under the same MCC code. These facilitators can also have different risk portfolios, working with both high and low-risk merchants, as well as service merchants in different geographies. As the result, for their payment facilitation programs, they have to support acquiring relationships with more than one acquirer. This functionality may be difficult to implement from technical viewpoint. That is why we built the new logic, specifically for unified merchant onboarding,” says United Thinkers president, Eugene Kipnis. “Beside merchant onboarding, we have already standardized the mechanisms for account updater and credit card tokenization. Our nearest plan is to standardize chargeback handling and reconciliation.”

About UniPay

The appeal of the UniPay Platform is the open-source nature, affordable cost, robust omni-channel feature set, as well as the advanced API’s and wide variety of Code Samples for easy integrations.

The components of UniPay are UniCharge, UniBill, and UniRead Modules (UniPayGateway.com):

UniPay Gateway platform has numerous APIs, its own EMV terminal solution, and mobile solution. It is integrated with all major processors and payment facilitation platforms in North America.

To receive more information, please contact [email protected]

About United Thinkers

United Thinkers is an enterprise software development company that specializes in payment gateway technology development. The UniPay Gateway is the company’s flagship product. For more information about payment processing vision of UniPay, please visit our blog at Paylosophy.com

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