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Introduction to Recurring Billing


In today’s merchant services industry more and more businesses are dealing with recurring billing. The concept of recurring billing goes far beyond charging a certain amount at fixed time intervals. Subscription-based businesses need to keep in mind multiple recurring billing-related issues and features. Such aspects as availability of various recurring billing features in payment systems, support for specific payment schedules and plans, different account balancing methodologies, as well as selection of the right collections mechanisms can make recurring billing easy for some merchants and extremely complex for others.

Depending on the ability of payment gateway and payment processing software to support various recurring billing-related payment solutions, such as online invoicing, support of multiple payment plans or methods under the same account, payment processing systems become more attractive in the eyes of merchants, payment service providers and other actors of merchant services industry.

Now when recurring billing principle is described, it is appropriate to move on to specific features of open source billing software and recurring billing types. A mini-series of articles on recurring billing is a resource designed to familiarize you with various recurring billing aspects and features to be taken into consideration if your business is growing and facing new recurring billing-related challenges. The mini-series provide loads of useful information on payment solutions to be supported by credit card payment processing systems your business might want to partner with. Based on this information your will be able to select the best payment solution that will make recurring billing as smooth as possible for your company.

Visit Paylosophy blog to find the mini-series of articles speaking about the most important recurring billing-related features to be considered by a business while choosing a payment system to partner with.

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Introduction to Recurring Billing
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Introduction to Recurring Billing
Interested in the concept of recurring billing? Read this article to find out the most important facts of recurring billing-related payment solutions.
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