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Optimizing Recurring Billing with BIN files


Many recurring billing businesses at the market consult BIN files to get useful information concerning transactions they process, cards they accept (or do not accept), and issuers of these cards.

Some companies turn to BIN files to filter out pre-paid and gift cards, which many customers use to pay for low-cost subscriptions and memberships. When such a pre-paid (or gift) card, used for recurring payments, is depleted, the cardholder can simply through the card away, while the recurring billing company has to go through the trouble of subscription cancellation.

Beside identification of reward cards, BIN file can also indicate, that it might be better not to process some particular cards through associations, but delegate their processing to specific card debit networks. Another advantage of BIN file usage is detection of common decline reasons, which are often associated with some particular issuers. In order to resolve the problem with the issuing bank, it is enough to resolve it with just one of its cardholders.

More information on BIN files can be found in the respective article on #Paylosophy.

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