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Credit Card Processing for Startups


Any startup company that wants to accept payments online has to look for some credit card processing solution to utilize. While many startup businesses are searching for a payment processor or payment gateway, offering their services for the lowest price, this is not the best strategy to follow. In fact, payment processing for startups is a tricky matter.

If you are a new company, you might be surprised to find that your options are very limited, because your acceptable choices include only highly customized payment solutions for startups. For example, you might need to accept payments in different geographies and currencies. Or you might want to follow a payment facilitator business model. Or you might need some specific solutions, both card present and card not present. Not all providers of merchant services for startups offer all the functions you need. Beside that, we shouldn’t forget that a payment processor or a payment gateway for startups (or large businesses) can charge only about 1 % of transaction amount for the service. It is easy to calculate, that if your processing volumes are low, then this 1 % will not cover some customized services.

Consequently, if some service provider (such as Stripe or PayPal) agrees to process a credit card for business startup, because it has all the necessary logic and functionality, this startup should be happy to partner with such a provider, even if transaction processing fees seem to be slightly higher than expected.

You can find detailed information in the respective article on Paylosophy Blog.

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Credit Card Processing for Startups
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Credit Card Processing for Startups
Find out more about the peculiarities of credit card processing for startup companies. Be aware of the most critical pitfalls.
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