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Credit Card BIN Files


Credit card BIN file is a useful source of information, that merchants can utilize in their processing strategies. BIN ranges of cards can tell a lot: from card issuing bank and country of issue, to card class. Beside the issuing bank, the BIN range of a card carries information about maximal primary account number length, card type (debit, credit, etc.) and its PIN capability, debit networks, which accept the card, whether a card is a pre-paid or a gift one, card class (personal, business, consumer, corporate etc.). In case of  PIN-less debit BIN file can also tell whether the network is regulated by Durbin amendment or not.

Using the information from BIN file, merchants can enhance their fraud protection toolkit, reduce interchange, and save on processing costs.

More information on BIN files can be found in the respective article on #Paylosophy “Credit Card BIN Files”.

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