February 25, 2016
Written by
James Davis
Written by James Davis
Senior Technical Writer at United Thinkers

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Kathrine Pensatori
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EMV Liability Changes

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

A terminal cloud solution that works well and supports EMV can help ease some pain points that companies experience when dealing with payment processing. Modern payment terminal software designed with today’s needs in mind isn’t just a dream, however. It’s a reality for those who use the right terminal application.

EMV technology shift

The biggest recent change in the payment industry involves the EMV liability shift, and while EMV technology should be in place across the board by now, it simply isn’t. EMV compatibility is slowly rolling out, and some POS vendors still don’t have ideal terminal software that can meet today’s needs. Because acquirers sometimes make it difficult to bring new payment terminal solutions online, options are still relatively few. Plus, many in the industry are reluctant to give up legacy solutions.

You and your clients don’t have to settle for a solution that’s incomplete or of poor quality. It’s possible to find a payment gateway that’s modern, robust and EMV compliant. One such solution is the UniPay gateway from United Thinkers. You can learn more about EMV and other payment terminal pain points at the website of PayVisors, a payment consulting company that recommends the UniPay gateway. While the EMV liability shift has proven to be an added challenge in the field of payment processing, solutions are available right now that can address this and other challenges with ease and simplicity.

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