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Security and Compliance


Nothing is more important in the payment industry than PCI compliance. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard — called PCI DSS or just PCI compliance — is the security standard for secure payment processing. When you choose the UniPay secure payment gateway from United Thinkers, you’re choosing a commercial open source software solution designed from the beginning with security and compliance in mind.

With the UniPay gateway, support for the latest security, compliance and fraud protection tools is built right in from the start. This includes compatibility with the 3D Secure protocol for credit card fraud protection and point-to-point encryption or P2PE for protection of the card number from the moment it’s swiped.

The UniPay secure payment gateway also includes complete support for EMV or chip-in-card technology, another attempt at reducing credit card fraud and increasing the overall safety and security of credit card transactions. While this required technology has been controversial in the United States, it is completely supported by our robust and proven payment solution.

The UniPay gateway is entirely cloud-based and can be white-labeled, providing for the greatest possible flexibility and total customization to provide the best merchant services experience. Usability and functionality have not been compromised for the sake of security and compliance.

Plus, premium support is included with the UniPay gateway. Could it be the right choice to end your struggle with security and compliance issues and allow your company to move forward? Contact us now to learn how our companies can work together toward greater success.

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Security and Compliance
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Security and Compliance
Learn about the latest payment security technologies. Get to know what compliance and fraud protection tools you can get with UniPay payment gateway.
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UniPay Gateway
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