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How to Have Your Own Payment Gateway 2022

Payment gateways are essential to modern commerce, and the best payment gateway solutions make it easy for companies to accept a wide variety of payment types and handle a range of billing and payment processing needs. But building payment processing software from scratch can be a daunting task.

We gathered industry experts from United Thinkers and Zift to dive into the topics on How to Own a Payment Gateway or Build it From Scratch by outlining the best 10 step-by-step approaches to implementing payment gateways, costs associated with the process, and the main challenges businesses would need to avoid or overcome while owning a payment gateway.


Chad Roll

Chad Roll

CEO at Zift.io

Eugene Kipnis

Eugene Kipnis

President at United Thinkers


Looking for a way to own a payment gateway and wondering whether owning a payment technology is the best decision for moving your business forward?

Join our webinar to find out how to start processing payments on your own.

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In our webinar:

  • We will help you understand how you can have your own payment gateway without developing it from scratch.
  • We will discuss some important questions about establishing a payment processing system that would be right for your company.
  • You’ll learn about the costs and complexities involved in building your own payment gateway, including the crucial importance of establishing strong banking relationships.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask live questions during the event.
In our webinar

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