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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway


The process of selecting the best payment gateway can be a confusing experience for any business regardless of its budget and size. So many different things to consider, different options, traps to fall into if you are not knowledgeable about payment gateways!

Which is the right one? Does it even matter which one you choose if you have enough budget to spend on this project? How do you choose a solution that works properly? How it can prevent people from abandoning their shopping carts due to frequent transaction failures, lack of convenient payment methods, etc.?

Which payment option is better: a white-label, or a traditional solution?

Business owners ask these and other similar questions to third parties, consulting firms, or teams of developers. Usually, they usually entrust the payment gateway implementation process to those instances. And in most cases, this results in the purchase of a non-functional solution.

At United Thinkers, our team of professionals created a video to help businesses choose a payment solution. We really hope that we covered the main aspects so that companies can make the right choice in favor of the best payment gateway for their company. Based on three scenarios, businesses can easily categorize their business. They will be able to decide which processing solution is the most suitable for their particular business.

Small, medium and large businesses are welcome to explore their potential in the payment industry. They can choose between a hosting, white-label, or on-premises solution wisely and reasonably. Also, they can estimate which payment solution can be the most affordable and cost-effective from the outset.

Our video will certainly not solve all your problems, though. From this video guide, you will learn about payment gateways in terms of price, quality, payment methods, security, and functionalities.

Because various technical issues are not covered in our video, we are always ready to consult and help businesses in these fields. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in payments, we have developed a robust and flexible open-source payment technology It is available as either Hosted, White Label, or On-Premises solutions. Each option readily meets the governing rules and requirements of the payments industry. So businesses can keep up with the times while relying on dependable payment technology.

To discover how UniPay’s payment solutions can help your business grow and succeed, contact us today.

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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway
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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway
Find out what features to look for when you're choosing the best payment gateway that would meet your specific business needs.
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