UniCharge Module

UniCharge is a highly flexible and fully automated open source payment processing solution and funds remittance engine. It supports real-time and batch transaction processing through multiple payment processing platforms and banks across the world, and can handle sophisticated fund remittance scenarios, including affiliate, reseller and sales commissions and residual revenue sharing payments.

As competition in the field of merchant services is increasing, the need for ISO and payment processor independence is felt very sharply. Migrating from one processor to another is a costly process, but often is inevitable when business grows.

And what do you do if you need to handle your ACH through a local bank, your credit cards through multiple different acquirers, debit cards through debit networks and AmEx directly through American Express? And how about multiplying this by 2 or 3 different countries and currencies?

Never fear! With UniCharge you get a fully unified payment processing solution with a highly robust API, which has an answer for you in every case. Integrate once and enjoy the benefits of your decision with every transaction processed. Forget about cumbersome integrations, different local regulations and incompatible payment technologies.

Are you a payment service provider or a payment facilitator? Do you need better tools to manage your merchants’ portfolio? Would you like to save processing costs by generating your own customized statements for your merchants and charging the processing fees that you want? Discover a complete array of tools that UniCharge offers for modern ISOs and PSPs. Handle merchants on-boarding, transaction processing, merchant fees and statements from a centralized management application

Tame the overwhelming complexity of the modern electronic payment processing world with our enterprise scale payment processing solution, which we can tailor to your specific needs. Offer real-time and batch processing of credit cards, debit cards, prepaid, gift and loyalty cards, as well as ACH processing to your customers with our simple, yet flexible payment solution.

Here are some of the features available to you through UniCharge payment processing solution:

  • Credit Card, Debit Card and ACH Transaction Processing
    • real-time and batch transaction processing
    • support for level I, II and III card processing
    • support for major industry types and card features, including:
      • Retail
      • Direct Marketing
      • eCommerce
      • Restaurant
      • Fleet
      • Lodging
      • HSA/FSA
      • EBT
      • Recurring and Installment
      • Bill Payment
      • Partial Authorizations and Reversals
      • PIN based and PINless debit
    • automatic decline recycling
    • support for ACH blacklist
    • chargebacks handling
    • credit card account updater
  • Processor Independence
    • existing support for processing through:
      • FirstData
      • Tsys
      • Chase Paymentech
      • Global
      • Elavon
      • Heartland
      • Vantiv
      • Litle
      • WorldPay
      • Major US & Canadian Banks
    • direct integration with American Express
    • custom processing rules for each merchant
    • transparent switching between processing platforms/banks
  • Advanced Remittance
    • fully automated funds remittance
    • support for multiple remittance sources (bank accounts)
    • automated reserves handling
    • highly flexible merchant fee structures
    • management of resellers
    • highly flexible reseller commission structures
    • comprehensive merchant and reconciliation statements
    • batch and statement review/approval queues
  • Implementation of PCI requirements
    • support for tokenization of account holders’ data
    • strict user account management and monitoring
    • secure application passwords handling
    • advanced audit logging
    • support for heartbeat services
  • Flexible Integration Features
    • API for real-time transaction processing
    • API for batch transaction processing
    • restful API for merchant management
    • detailed integration specifications and certification scenarios
    • processing emulator for integrators’ certification testing

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