UniBill Module

Key Takeaways

UniBill is an advanced recurring billing solution, which can be viewed as an advanced accounts receivables management system with extensive recurring billing, subscription management and collections functionality.

As recurring revenue model becomes more and more dominant across all major industries, the need for a flexible recurring billing solution is felt very sharply. While simple billing solutions that accommodate repeat purchases or anniversary date renewals are common, comprehensive recurring billing solutions with built-in 1st party and 3rd party collection tools are extremely rare.

Above all, UniBill is an integrated recurring billing solution, which means all essential features are packed into a single software suite.

Hosted payment pages and web payment forms to capture recurring subscriptions? Flexible modern API and language specific SDKs to integrate recurring billing functionality in existing applications? Fully automated invoicing and billing engine with built-in fee assessment and decline recovery mechanisms? Native support for account skip tracing and credit bureau reporting? Yes! And many other features! All in a single recurring billing software package available as an open source recurring billing solution.

UniBill recurring billing solution is built on top of UniCharge payment processing solution and incorporates all of its features. It means that your recurring payments can get processed through numerous banks and card processors around the world in a painless, seamless fashion.

Here are some of the features available to you through UniBill recurring billing solution:

  • Subscription Management
    • personal information and contact information
    • financial transactions history (accrual accounting)
    • contract information, including digital copies of the documents
    • payment options management – bank accounts and credit cards
    • payment plans and payment arrangements
    • CRM features – account notes and todo tasks
    • management of digital assets (letters, statements, etc)
    • full audit log of account changes
  • Advanced Recurring Billing
    • recurring payments on regular schedules:
      • weekly
      • biweekly
      • monthly
      • quarterly
      • annually
    • custom schedule payments
    • prepayments handling
    • freezes and billing deferment
    • cancellations and amount adjustments
    • sophisticated rebill logic for declines and outstand balances
  • Customers’ Self-Service Portal
    • make invoice payment or payment plan buyout
    • review payment and billing history
    • update billing information
    • review/adjust active contracts
    • download copies of mailed letters and active contracts
    • upload digital documents (bank statements, bankruptcy letters, etc)
  • Service Fees and Decline Recovery
    • automatic assessment of fees on declines, returns and chargebacks
    • support for late fees
    • printed letter and email notifications for invoices, payments and declines
    • account aging and age based letter and email notifications
  • 3rd Party Collections
    • automated skip tracing and bankruptcy scrubbing
    • support for auto-dialers
    • advanced account aging and age based letter and email notifications
    • automated credit bureau reporting
    • handling of settlements and write-offs
    • collections agents management and accounts distribution tools
  • Flexible Integration Features
    • full control of all account information through the integration library
    • out-of-the-box support for Java, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion and Groovy
    • code samples for common scenarios

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