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UniPay Umoose: Mascot Focused On Strong Relationships


Business in the digital age involves many relationships, and we’ve designed the UniPay payment platform with strong alliances in mind. Our mascot Umoose is proud to have strong relationships with his friends – just as we do with vendors, banks and clients around the world.

We’re a stout, sturdy and serious company that’s completely devoted to your payment processing needs. But we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. And we don’t want you to forget that we’re a different kind of organization – a company that plays well with others.

UniPay Is Built On Cooperation

It’s no accident that when you see the UniPay Umoose, you often see the Linux and Java mascots too. Our Umoose gets along with the Tux, the mascot for Linux, the best-known open-source operating system. And Umoose is equally close to Duke, the mascot for the programming language and computing platform Java.

The UniPay payment platform depends on products and services provided by Linux and Java to serve you. We build our unique, full-featured product on the shoulders of these well-established presences in the computing world. Although we admit that it’s hard to picture Umoose and his antlers balancing on anyone’s shoulders.

Umoose Puts Together The Puzzle Pieces

Our Umoose’s antlers aren’t like the ones most moose have, however. If you look closely, you see that they’re puzzle pieces. The key to building a feature-rich payment platform is making sure all the pieces are in place to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of every kind of client. That includes building strong relationships as well as writing good code and more.

Besides, those funny ears make Umoose all the more memorable. In fact, when you see our mascot, we want you to see us as a company that’s:

  • Memorable. When your business is ready for a payment platform that’s full-featured, fully customizable and robust enough to handle every challenge your business can throw at it, remember Umoose. Remember the UniPay payment gateway and platform.
  • Focused on relationships. From strong banking relationships to excellent customer service relationships with our clients, our payment platform is all about relationships. Just as Umoose gets along with the mascots of Linux and Java, we get along with the key players in the industry to make payment processing work better.
  • All about you. Before you notice the moose, we hope you see the “U”. We formed our payment processing system in the modern era with the needs of forward-looking, growing businesses in mind. You’re our ideal client, and we look forward to working with you.

Evolving To Meet Your Needs

UniPay has evolved from a payment gateway into a full-scale payment platform and has become the basis for many corporate payment ecosystems. While developing our products and services, we’ve developed deep knowledge and even deeper alliances. Simply put, we’ve created a new way of doing business in the payment processing arena.

And we’ve created a moose with puzzle-piece antlers to represent it all.

We hope Umoose’ll become an inspiration to you that represents the great things we can do when we work together. Why not contact us now to learn more about how we can meet your payment processing needs?

We’d like to build a relationship with you that will make Umoose proud.

Unipay Umoose Mascot

UniPay Umoose: Mascot Focused On Strong Relationships обновлено: February 18, 2020 автором: Katherine Pensatori
UniPay Umoose: Mascot Focused On Strong Relationships
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UniPay Umoose: Mascot Focused On Strong Relationships
Meet Umoose - UniPayGateway's mascot! Discover how his originality reflects on building strong relationships in payment processing industry.
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