May 8, 2019
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Written by James Davis
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The Evolution of Merchant Services: PayFac vs ISO

Key Takeaways: PayFacs offer a broader range of functions than ISOs, handling various aspects of the merchant lifecycle, such as underwriting, onboarding, and payment processing, making them more integral to merchant services. The PayFac model enables consolidated transaction volumes and unified operations by partnering with fewer acquirers, leading to streamlined processes compared to ...

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How Bear Market is Similar to Becoming a PayFac

Becoming a PayFac “Bears are taking over the stock market.” According to many experts, after almost a decade of a bull market, we are entering the bearish zone. During this past decade, most investors just bought stock only to sell it at a higher price a little later. Alas, “buy low, sell ...

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“The Better Foot Before”: a Key to Legacy System Replacement

Imagine, you’ve invited your friends home for dinner and decided to surprise them with some gourmet cooking masterpiece. However, at a certain point in the process of cooking, you realize that you’ve confused the sequence of ingredients from the recipe. Or you simply forgot to add something at the right time, ...

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3 Benefits of Becoming a PayFac for Franchisors

Imagine you discover spring with clear water on your property. What will you do with it? Scenario 1: keep the water source to yourself, to be used by your family and friends only. Scenario 2: start letting people enter your property and use the well for a fee. Scenario 3: start selling bottled water ...

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Benefits of Becoming a PayFac for SaaS Platforms

Would you like to have a cottage somewhere in the mountains? From there you could go hiking and, perhaps, skiing with your friends and family. Plus you could rent it (or part of it) to other people, who also want to go to the mountains and need some place to stay. ...

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Full-Stack Payment Technology for Investment Companies

Let us assume you are the owner of a classy and popular downtown restaurant looking for a payment technology. You know that somewhere in the suburb there is a promising new photo studio. A lot of talented young photographers work there. But they are currently using only 25% of their maximum ...

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White-label PayFac: “Try it Before Buy it”

Key Takeaways: White-Label PayFac Model: Start as a white-label PayFac to gain experience and minimize risks before committing to full PayFac status. White-Label PayFac Model: Start as a white-label PayFac to gain experience and minimize risks before committing to full PayFac status. Do you know the difference between classic PayFac model white-label payfac? A ...

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Your Own Payment Gateway: Is it the Right Thing for You?

What having your own payment gateway means to you? An image-booster? More control over payment processing? Reduction of payment processing costs? Foundation for a new payment ecosystem? Here are 3 cases when owning a payment gateway makes sense: For image purposes, you want your customers to perceive you as a payment service provider. ...

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5 Things You Should Know About PCI Compliance

Remember those strange bright signs marking vehicles transporting chemicals by road? Or those movies with guys, whose faces you cannot see, because they are wearing hermetic protective suits? How are they carefully holding strange tubes with some shiny substances? Or special cases marked with a red cross containing human organs for ...

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Does your processor support all the technical features you need?

Many payment industry players like merchants, ISOs, payment facilitators, and PSPs are not satisfied with their payment processing relationships. In most cases, their current processors do not support some particular technical features they need. Top Technical Features to Look for in a Payment Gateway Besides transaction processing costs, technical features are important criteria ...

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3 Steps to Lower Your Processing Costs

“So, how much processing costs are you paying for transaction processing?” I once asked a friend of mine who owned a small retail store. According to his words, he was paying only 2.5%. But when we looked through his merchant statements, it turned out he was actually paying 5.8%. Quite a ...

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What is the Best Payment Gateway For Payment Facilitators?

Is it time to become a payment facilitator and choose the best payment gateway to make more money on payment processing? This is a question which many companies ask themselves every day. Is your company one of them? Maybe, you have already considered the prospect of becoming a PayFac and answered ...

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Recurring Billing Solution

There are several ways to approach recurring billing solution, and your company must make the right choice for success. First, you should take into consideration the type of recurring billing your company needs to support. Also, you will need to make sure that the solution you choose matches your way of doing ...

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VR and AR: What Do These Terms Mean? And Are Shoppers Ready?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are perhaps the next big revolution coming to the retail industry. Not since online shopping changed the face of retail has something this important, and this market-changing comes along. But what are VR and AR – and are shoppers ready for these new ways to shop? Online ...

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Key Factors To Consider When Creating An E-Commerce Marketplace

There’s more to starting an online business or taking a business into the digital marketplace than throwing up a website. A successful e-commerce marketplace sells compelling products and responds quickly to every customer service concern or inquiry. People are willing to buy just about anything from an e-commerce website these days – ...

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Having worked within fintech industry for more than a decade, we know what a challenge it is to select the best payment solution for a company. Multiple experts and analysts share their knowledge on diverse resources, specializing on publication of fintech news today. It is often hard to sort through the flow of information channeled by fintech newsletters, reputable portals, and websites of fintech companies themselves.

Merchants, SMEs, fintech SaaS companies, payment facilitators – each of these entities requires its own specific kind of advice and fintech consulting. Every business in search of a payment solution has its own specific needs and questions to the industry.

Common fintech questions to answer

Let us list are just a few of the most important and crucial questions that we get from our customers and readers.

Some readers are new to payment technologies, so their first question is: what is a fintech company? Others are already wondering how they can generate new revenue streams from payments. Growing businesses that want to make money on payment processing are interested in the key steps to becoming a full-fledged or a white-label payment facilitator.

Companies that already have established customer bases are considering the prospect of implementing different intermediary models, such as fintech as service or payment as service.

Plenty of businesses want to know the details of implementing their own payment gateway solutions and EMV terminal solutions.

Lastly, a large segment of readers and customers wants to learn about advanced technologies, such as SoftPOS and crypto payment solutions, which might define the future of fintech.

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Fintech news, useful tips, and advice

As the industry evolves, new questions arise and there is no one single fintech newsletter which could answer all of them. So, in order to help you safely navigate the industry and select the most suitable payment solution, gateway, platform, or ecosystem for your business model, we have written and organized more than 80 articles, covering various aspects of the subject. In these articles we are trying to address the needs of the widest audience of prospective and existing customers, representing diverse categories of companies.

The main categories of our target readers include, but are not limited to:

  • startup businesses,
  • merchants of different sizes, (from micro-merchants to SMEs and enterprise-level companies),
  • payment facilitators,
  • conventional and wholesale ISOs,
  • SaaS companies,
  • online marketplace owners,
  • franchisors,
  • venture capital companies and investment firms,
  • developers of payment software interested in fintech news and valuable insights.

For example, those who are new to the industry are welcome to familiarize themselves with the role of acquiring banks in it. Neglecting this role might lead to common misconceptions and result in costly mistakes often made by startup businesses.

Those who strive to embrace embedded payments paradigm will find many useful tips in the articles describing, how to implement embedded payments within a business model, and explaining the key aspects and features of the process.

Those who want to add cryptocurrency payment functionality to their payment systems will benefit from reading the articles on the choice of the best crypto gateway for a SaaS platform and on optimal blockchain selection. We are trying to keep up with fintech news and innovative approaches related to crypto payments. Therefore, we have many articles covering this topic.

If you want to implement a SoftPOS solution instead of (or in addition to) a conventional EMV terminal solution, you should read our informative articles on SoftPOS systems and their implementation.

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An important segment of our customers consists of SaaS companies and payment facilitators. Therefore, many of our materials address the needs of these types of businesses. We advise paying special attention at our articles on white-label PayFac model, PayFac gateway integration for SaaS platforms, and the key steps to becoming a payment facilitator.

Finally, as our core product is a payment gateway software solution, much of our informative content largely focuses on payment gateway implementation tips. That is why, many of our articles are dedicated to gateway solution flavors and the key phases of payment gateway implementation process. In a separate article we describe gateway options available to PayFacs and SaaS companies. Other businesses in search of a gateway solution will find many useful tips in our article on the different flavors of white-label payment gateway solutions.

To summarize

We have given you a brief overview of key fintech news, innovative solutions, and approaches covered in our trending articles. Hopefully, our materials will help you in your fintech quest. Enjoy studying our content!

Feel free to familiarize yourself with UniPay Gateway product,  watch a short video guide, and request a demo.

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