September 10, 2021
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Written by James Davis
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Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions: Present and Future

Key Takeaways: The emergence of stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT, and BUSD, has mitigated the volatility concerns of cryptocurrencies, making them more viable for transactions and investments. Significant milestones in crypto adoption include Visa’s support for cryptocurrency transaction settlements and PayPal enabling US customers to make purchases with their crypto accounts, signaling a ...

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PCI Compliance Update

Key Takeaways The shift towards electronic payments due to COVID-19 has increased the urgency for Paymentech industry to focus on PA DSS and PCI compliance, emphasizing the need for enhanced security in credit card transactions. In response to rising electronic transaction volumes and associated credit card fraud, the PCI Standards Council is revising ...

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Credit Card Processing Risks and International Payment Gateway Setup

Key Takeaways For startups in Asia, Africa, and Latin America seeking to accept international payments, establishing a relationship with an acquiring bank is paramount, as it facilitates access to the Visa and MasterCard network essential for global transactions. Navigating credit card processing risks involves understanding and managing interchange fees, ensuring PCI compliance in ...

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PayFac Gateway Integration for a SaaS Platform

Key Takeaways SaaS platform owners, along with independent software vendors and online marketplaces, are prime candidates for becoming payment facilitators due to their established customer bases and inherent 'know your customer' logic. SaaS companies can augment their revenue streams by assuming liability for merchant underwriting, enabling them to earn a portion of processing ...

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Your Own Payment Gateway: Let the Dream Come True

Key Takeaways Building a custom payment gateway requires careful consideration of merchant category codes, target countries, currencies, and understanding specific gateway needs for these merchants. Establishing relationships with acquiring banks is crucial for authorization to provide merchant account services, ensuring compatibility with desired currencies and geographies. Selecting a technical solution entails choosing a payment ...

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From Recurring Billing to Usage-Based Billing

Key Takeaways The shift towards usage-based billing reflects the evolving needs of users and customers, as traditional billing software can't meet the demands for sophisticated subscription models, particularly in the context of economic shifts and the IoT evolution​​. Usage-based billing, drawing inspiration from smart metering and pay-as-you-go models, offers mutual benefits to businesses ...

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Your Own Payment Gateway: to Build or not to Build?

Key Takeaways The decision to build or buy a payment gateway hinges on a company's specific business case, with the rule of thumb being that building a custom solution is viable if the savings justify the development and maintenance costs​​. Advantages of building a custom payment gateway include unlimited customizability, elimination of ...

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A White Label Payment Solution for Your Business

A white label product or service is a third-party commodity you offer to your customers under your own brand. Let's assume, your company wants to provide some additional value. However, it does not have the necessary resources to implement it. In this case you can resort to the respective white label ...

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Payment Facilitator Model Explained

Fintech industry is constantly evolving. Emergence of new types of players is an indicator of this evolution. Payment facilitator model is a relatively new concept. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity. Many people confuse it with other terms, such as payment aggregator, payment service provider, or merchant of record. If you want ...

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White label Payment Gateway 101

White-labeling concept has become very popular among electronic payment processing industry players. We can witness the emergence and development of white label payment processing services, white label payment facilitator, and white label payment gateway reseller models. Indeed, these business models have already proven their efficiency at the market. In this article we ...

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PCI Payment Gateway

Electronic payment processing technologies become more sophisticated with every coming year. But as the process becomes more complex, new gaps emerge. And fraudsters are ready to use these gaps for compromising cardholder data. During pandemic-induced lockdowns, security of electronic payments has become even more relevant. That’s why every merchant or payment ...

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UniPay Integration Experience with Sunmi POS Terminals

The decline in cash payments across the globe has driven the rising demand for point-of-sale (POS) Terminals. In particular, we are witnessing high demand for wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones capable of functioning as electronic POS terminals or cash registers. A great number of payment platforms and payment facilitators are ...

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Advantages of Flexible Payment Technologies

Can you imagine a piece of clothes that perfectly fits you all your life, adjusting to all the changes happening to your body? Or clothes that grows with your kid? What could it be made of? Some advanced type of self-reproducing stretchable fiber or plastic, perhaps? In fact, science fiction writers ...

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Having worked within fintech industry for more than a decade, we know what a challenge it is to select the best payment solution for a company. Multiple experts and analysts share their knowledge on diverse resources, specializing on publication of fintech news today. It is often hard to sort through the flow of information channeled by fintech newsletters, reputable portals, and websites of fintech companies themselves.

Merchants, SMEs, fintech SaaS companies, payment facilitators – each of these entities requires its own specific kind of advice and fintech consulting. Every business in search of a payment solution has its own specific needs and questions to the industry.

Common fintech questions to answer

Let us list are just a few of the most important and crucial questions that we get from our customers and readers.

Some readers are new to payment technologies, so their first question is: what is a fintech company? Others are already wondering how they can generate new revenue streams from payments. Growing businesses that want to make money on payment processing are interested in the key steps to becoming a full-fledged or a white-label payment facilitator.

Companies that already have established customer bases are considering the prospect of implementing different intermediary models, such as fintech as service or payment as service.

Plenty of businesses want to know the details of implementing their own payment gateway solutions and EMV terminal solutions.

Lastly, a large segment of readers and customers wants to learn about advanced technologies, such as SoftPOS and crypto payment solutions, which might define the future of fintech.

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Fintech news, useful tips, and advice

As the industry evolves, new questions arise and there is no one single fintech newsletter which could answer all of them. So, in order to help you safely navigate the industry and select the most suitable payment solution, gateway, platform, or ecosystem for your business model, we have written and organized more than 80 articles, covering various aspects of the subject. In these articles we are trying to address the needs of the widest audience of prospective and existing customers, representing diverse categories of companies.

The main categories of our target readers include, but are not limited to:

  • startup businesses,
  • merchants of different sizes, (from micro-merchants to SMEs and enterprise-level companies),
  • payment facilitators,
  • conventional and wholesale ISOs,
  • SaaS companies,
  • online marketplace owners,
  • franchisors,
  • venture capital companies and investment firms,
  • developers of payment software interested in fintech news and valuable insights.

For example, those who are new to the industry are welcome to familiarize themselves with the role of acquiring banks in it. Neglecting this role might lead to common misconceptions and result in costly mistakes often made by startup businesses.

Those who strive to embrace embedded payments paradigm will find many useful tips in the articles describing, how to implement embedded payments within a business model, and explaining the key aspects and features of the process.

Those who want to add cryptocurrency payment functionality to their payment systems will benefit from reading the articles on the choice of the best crypto gateway for a SaaS platform and on optimal blockchain selection. We are trying to keep up with fintech news and innovative approaches related to crypto payments. Therefore, we have many articles covering this topic.

If you want to implement a SoftPOS solution instead of (or in addition to) a conventional EMV terminal solution, you should read our informative articles on SoftPOS systems and their implementation.

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An important segment of our customers consists of SaaS companies and payment facilitators. Therefore, many of our materials address the needs of these types of businesses. We advise paying special attention at our articles on white-label PayFac model, PayFac gateway integration for SaaS platforms, and the key steps to becoming a payment facilitator.

Finally, as our core product is a payment gateway software solution, much of our informative content largely focuses on payment gateway implementation tips. That is why, many of our articles are dedicated to gateway solution flavors and the key phases of payment gateway implementation process. In a separate article we describe gateway options available to PayFacs and SaaS companies. Other businesses in search of a gateway solution will find many useful tips in our article on the different flavors of white-label payment gateway solutions.

To summarize

We have given you a brief overview of key fintech news, innovative solutions, and approaches covered in our trending articles. Hopefully, our materials will help you in your fintech quest. Enjoy studying our content!

Feel free to familiarize yourself with UniPay Gateway product,  watch a short video guide, and request a demo.

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