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How To Choose The Right Terminal Solution


Choosing the right credit card terminal solution is essential to the smooth operation of your business. A good retail POS system means your business is ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Payment terminals vary widely, but software for point of sale isn’t all the same either.

A retail POS system is an investment in your business success. Because payments are evolving, choices that made sense in the past may not work for you now. Have you thought about whether you need countertop terminals, portable Bluetooth terminals, or mobile GPRS-based terminal solutions? Do you need a virtual terminal for your online business?

Choosing the right terminal solution

The right retail POS system can help you reduce customer wait time, increase satisfaction, and prevent errors. If you sell at conferences or trade shows, a mobile solution is essential to providing quality service at a sensible speed. Likewise, a virtual terminal allows you to take credit cards and related payments by phone, fax, and mail. And today’s customers may insist that you take payments online too, turning their home computers into your payment terminals.

As you’re choosing the right credit card terminal solution and point-of-sale software terminals, you must consider PCI compliance certification too. Additionally, here are some questions you must ask yourself related to your retail POS system:

  • What kind of business am I in? You’ll need a different solution depending on whether your company is involved with in-person sales, ecommerce, mobile or mail, and telephone orders.
  • How fast do I need transactions to process? If you’re running a boutique, you may be in no hurry. But a coffee shop needs quick transaction processing.
  • What features do I need? You’ll need EMV compatibility for full PCI compliance, but do you also need support for contactless payments like Apple Pay?
  • How much does the solution I like cost? The best terminals have a hefty price tag attached, and you may not need all the bells and whistles. Don’t buy more terminal features than you need.
  • Is it compatible with my gateway or POS system? Compatibility is essential for any piece of hardware or software. Credit card terminals aren’t all the same, and neither are retail POS system choices. Choose carefully for compatibility.

The UniPay payment platform is compatible with today’s terminals and virtual terminal software. Contact us to learn more about how, depending on UniPay for your payment processing needs can make your business run smoother and your life a lot easier.

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How To Choose The Right Terminal Solution
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How To Choose The Right Terminal Solution
Want to choose the right payment terminal solution? Find out what questions you should to ask yourself related to your retail POS system
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