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Crypto Payment Gateway Solution: Options to Choose From


Many companies nowadays want to accept crypto payments online and through POS. In order to be able to accept cryptocurrency payments, a business must find the right crypto payment gateway solution. It can be an open source crypto payment gateway software product or a customized solution developed from scratch. It can also be an omni-channel platform allowing you to accept credit card and crypto, as well as other payment types. So, how to accept crypto payments in the most efficient way, maximize the profit, and diversify revenue streams? Well, probably, there is no universal crypto payment gateway solution, suiting every company. However, there are several options you can choose from.

A Custom Crypto Payment Gateway Solution Built from Scratch

This option provides unlimited potential for customization, but it is the most labor-intensive one. In essence, you have to develop and write all the logic required for blockchain payment processing and smart contract support. On the bright side, a custom cryptocurrency payment gateway solution of this type allows you to eliminate transaction fees. At the same time, it calls for considerable efforts, which many businesses cannot afford.


  1. You get ultimate control over the process, including payment flow and merchants’ operations.
  2. As the developer of your crypto payment gateway solution, you define which MCC codes it supports.
  3. Your transaction processing and gateway fees are reduced to zero level.


  1. More control implies more responsibilities. You become liable for smart-contract exploits, as well as chargebacks and refunds (if applicable).
  2. You need to have the funds for upfront costs and maintenance of your solution. Usually, development of a gateway solution takes from six months to a year and a half, and costs $150-200K.
  3. A crypto payment gateway solution focuses on crypto payments only. So, for other payment methods you will need to implement additional solutions.

Crypto Payment Gateway Solution Offered by a Third Party

This approach is very popular among many companies. There are plenty of crypto payment gateways at the market, including CoinsBank, Shopify Gateway, Coingate, and others.

If you choose this option, you have to integrate with the specific third-party blockchain payment system using its special API. Upfront costs are relatively small, and you can start accepting crypto payments almost in no time. However, you should be ready to delegate all the processes to the third-party gateway and pay per-transaction fees.


  1. Setup and integration take very little time (usually, a few weeks).
  2. You don’t have to build your product from scratch and much of the integration is handled by the third party. So, upfront costs are really small.
  3. Much of the liability in case of smart contract exploits is assumed by the third party.


  1. Like we said, you have little control over payments and funding, as well as merchant underwriting. That is, if the provider does not support certain MCCs, you cannot onboard merchants representing the respective business types.
  2. You have to pay and carefully negotiate gateway and transaction processing fees.
  3. A typical third-party crypto payment gateway solution does supports only cryptocurrency payment method. So, you (and your merchants) need other solutions for other methods, such as credit cards, direct debit, or digital wallets.

Omni-channel Crypto Friendly Payment Gateway

This solution (although somewhat difficult to find) is something you can call all-in-one. It allows you to support all target payment methods. The majority of present-day merchants need to accept all payment forms, including bank transfers, credit cards, in-app, and mobile payments.

To partner with an omni-channel payment gateway solution, you should, again, integrate your platform with it through a special API. This integration will allow you to accept all payment types, besides crypto.


  1. You go through integration process only once. After that you get access to all payment types you need. Integration, usually, takes up to a few weeks, much less than in the case of a custom solution.
  2. Upfront costs are low, no matter whether you choose a third-party or a white-label omni-channel solution.
  3. Most of the liability in case of smart contract exploits or system hacks lies on the third-party provider. The more control it delegates to you, the more liability you bear.


  1. The third-party provider controls most of the payment logic and merchant underwriting process. Just like under the previous option, the provider might not support some MCC codes you need.
  2. You have to pay per-transaction fees, depending on payment methods, amounts, volumes, currencies, and other factors.
  3. You rely on a single third-party omni-channel payment gateway solution. So, you thoroughly depend on its policy in terms of support for specific MCCs and payment methods.


Although omnichannel solutions have their pros and cons, in our view, they provide the best option for companies. An omnichannel payment platform is much more than an ordinary crypto payment processor. In addition to functions of a crypto payment gateway solution, it supports all other key payment methods. Keep in mind, that all these methods become accessible to you through a single integration and business partnership. If you are a PayFac, merchants that accept different payment methods, will prefer your platform. Especially, if it is backed by an omnichannel solution.

You are welcome to consult our specialists and learn more about the omni-channel payment solution from United Thinkers. UniPay Gateway is an omni-channel payment management platform for merchants, PayFacs, and SaaS companies.

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