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Payment Processors Integration for Merchants and PayFacs

UniPay-to-UniPay integration

UniPay-to-UniPay integration provides a conceptually new approach for merchants and payment facilitators that face the need to integrate with some payment processors.

Integration “from scratch” involves multiple phases: each function (such as real-time and batch processing, tokenization, merchant on-boarding, and others) has to be re-certified with each new bank or processor the business integrates with.

However, this is not the case when a UniPay-based payment processing platform user integrates with another user of UniPay platform. Within the same payment technology, such as UniPay, all the necessary functions are unified, so classical payment gateway integration is replaced by cloud payment gateway integration. Basically, UniPay instances form a payment gateway cloud, allowing UniPay licensees to mutually benefit from each other’s local integrations with banks and processors, and smoothly provision and onboard and provision new merchants.

When a new business, using UniPay technology integrates with another user of the same technology, it automatically connects to a cloud of UniPay-based payment ecosystems.

The main advantage of UniPay-to-UniPay integration (or cloud payment gateway integration) is that it facilitates existing relationships with acquirers and processors, and allows UniPay platform licensees to save time on certifications and start processing transactions in almost no time.

Read more about payment gateway cloud in the respective article on the Paylosophy blog.

UniPay-to-UniPay Integration
UniPay-to-UniPay Integration

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