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Payment Gateway Monitoring


Online businesses are constantly emerging. And all of them need to rely on some payment gateway in order to accept payments online. Taking into account the international nature of modern businesses it is extremely important for a payment system to be available 24/7, but problems may occur from time to time. So a payment gateway should support effective monitoring mechanism which will allow detecting problems within a short period of time and minimizing payment gateway downtime.

Depending on the source of the problem three types of monitoring tools can be pointed out. A velocity tracking module detects problems on the client’s end, an audit module – problems within a payment gateway itself, and an external health monitoring module – problems with two previously mentioned monitoring mechanisms.

The diagram below explains how things work in every specific scenario. If you are interested in the additional information on this issue you can read the respective article at Paylosophy Payment Advice Portal.

Payment Gateway Monitoring

Payment Gateway Monitoring

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