December 1, 2022
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Written by James Davis
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Black Friday Deals from United Thinkers

United Thinkers offers discounts and free consultations to all businesses that want to improve their payment technologies and the customer experience in 2022

NEW YORK, NY, November 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — United Thinkers, a New-York based commercial open-source Payment Management Software provider, introduces a new Black Friday Offer for companies that want to improve their payment technology and processing experience of their merchants. These companies are invited to learn firsthand how UniPay Gateway payment technology can help them achieve this goal.

The benefits of the Black Friday Offer are as follows. Every prospective client is welcome to request a free consultation from United Thinkers’ payment experts. Free consultation means that United Thinkers will conduct an audit of the prospective customer’s existing payment system and suggest solutions for its potential optimization and/or restructuring based on UniPay Gateway technology. If necessary, United Thinkers’ development team can build the customer’s whole payment system from scratch. If you are already on the way to the implementation of UniPay Gateway white-label payment technology, then 1st processor integration will be free for you. Finally, existing lead users that decide to purchase the source code license before December 31 will get a 20% discount.

Having worked in the industry for quite a time now, we have gained rich experience helping various categories of businesses improve their payment ecosystems. The current offer is a rare opportunity when you can use our expertise to develop a preliminary plan of action, especially if you experience difficulties when formulating it” says United Thinkers president Eugene Kipnis. “As part of our Black Friday Offer, through a series of free phone calls, we’ll discuss the needs of your existing payment ecosystem and see which improvements and optimizations can be made thanks to our open-source white label payment technology UniPay Gateway. Then, we’ll collaboratively work on a plan that you could implement in the following year, 2023, potentially taking advantage of our limited-time 20% discount on the source code license.

United Thinkers Black Friday Offer is available November 14 through December 31, 2022. Inquire now and learn how UniPay Gateway technology can transform and improve your business.

About UniPay

The appeal of the UniPay Platform is the open-source nature, affordable cost, robust omni-channel feature set, as well as the advanced APIs and wide variety of Code Samples for easy integrations.

The components of UniPay are UniCharge, UniBill, and UniRead Modules:

UniPay Gateway platform has numerous APIs, its own EMV terminal solution, and mobile solution. It is integrated with all major processors and payment facilitation platforms in North America.

To receive more information, please contact [email protected]

About United Thinkers

United Thinkers is an enterprise software development company that specializes in payment gateway technology development. The UniPay Gateway is the company’s flagship product. For more information about payment processing vision of UniPay, please visit our blog at Paylosophy.com



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