November 23, 2015 [molongui_author_box]

What’s So Challenging About Building Your Own Payment Gateway?

The right in-house or white label payment gateway is crucial in powering today’s online commerce, and the best payment gateway for online business is one that offers a robust range of features. So why not just build your own from scratch and avoid licensing fees and monthly costs? That can be challenging, but you still may be able to have an online payment gateway under your own brand that can provide your company with a smart solution and save you a lot of development time.

Issues in building your own Payment Gateway

This topic of white label payment processing and related topics have been covered extensively on the PayVisors business consulting company website. You’ll learn there that becoming a payment gateway is more than an information technology project. There are many issues involving legalities, finances and even a bit of politics. Plus, the risks and costs are great. And since the industry is highly regulated, it can take a lot of time and wrangling to meet compliance regulations.

But the best payment gateway for online business may already be out there in the form of a white label solution. Rather than building something over the course of years, you can license a white label software option and be up in running in months.

Learn more about building your own payment platform at PayVisors, where the UniPay payment gateway solution and its private label payment gateway get a lot of positive attention.

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