July 17, 2013 [molongui_author_box]

UniSell: Paperless Contract Solution

UniSell is an innovative open source paperless contract solution, which can be defined as a paperless sales system with integrated lead management and virtual terminal functionality. Built on top of UniBill and UniCharge, it adds the front-end functionality to these backend payment systems, while inheriting all of the powerful payment management features of these modules.

Do you need to have your customers execute complex multi-page agreements while they are visiting your facility or store? Capture multiple digital signatures? Scan their identification documents and payment information? Display the text of the agreement on a second monitor while they sign, and generate a printable PDF copy once they are done?

UniSell paperless contract solution can do all of these things and many more. Multiple document formats of different complexity are supported. Single, split and recurring payments can be collected on membership agreements and physical goods in real time. Past balance payments and future billing pre-payments are readily accessible. Through powerful APIs, all of the information can be synchronized in real-time not only with the underlying recurring billing engine, but also with any CRM or software package that you might be using.

To top this all off, we have also added highly flexible lead management automation tools, which enable you to capture leads from various sources (web forms, landing pages, drop-ins/walk-ins, phone inquiries, customer referrals, etc) and work them using a predefined sales workflow, which guides your sales force through each phase of the lead, helping them to organize the contacts with the customers in the most efficient way. And once the prospect is ready to make the sale, integrated paperless contract module is there at your disposal to make the “signing” part easy and fun.  

Here are some of the features available to you through UniSell paperless contract solution:

  • Paperless Contracts
    • PIF and Recurring Billing contracts sales
    • PIF and Recurring Billing contracts cancellations, freezes and adjustments
    • legal waivers and disclosure notices
    • multi-document and multi-signature support
    • dual-monitor support for on-screen contract preview
    • digital archive for all processed documents
  • Payment Processing
    • virtual terminal for ACH and card transactions (including swiped)
    • down-payments, contract payments and service fees
    • non-service payments and future billing prepayments
    • recurring billing payment option updates
  • Lead Management
    • lead management
    • web-leads capture forms
    • sales workflow automation
    • appointment and call management
    • sales-force management
    • sales contract drafting
    • performance and payment reporting
  • Sales Automation
    • credit card readers integration
    • digital signature capture
    • driver license and check scanning
    • paper contract and receipt printing
  • Data Synchronization
    • seamless integration with UniCharge transaction processing module
    • seamless integration with UniBill recurring billing module
    • API for data synchronization with 3rd party front-end systems

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